Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd Announces Availability Of AISI Steel Portfolio (US)

From AISI 4140 steel to AISI 4340 steel and AISI 1045 steel, Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd. supplies steel for forgings for many industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, oil and gas and others. AISI steel is known for its high impact resistance and superior heat treatment capabilities. Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd maintains a significant portfolio of AISI steels with different specifications that have varied applications in different industries. Industrial clients can check their portfolio and can pick steels with custom specifications for different types of forgings. According to company spokesperson, customers can check their AISI 4140 steel, which is a low-alloy steel with only 1% Cr and Mo as the strengthening alloy elements. It has higher carbon content as compared with AISI 4130 steel and shows an excellent balance of strength and toughness. The spokesperson reveals

that this type of steel has a very high abrasion resistance and can withstand heavy impacts. Despite having high heat treatment capabilities, the steel has poor welding abilities, however. With a hardness around 28-32 HRC, the steel is supplied in quenched and tempered condition.  The company can supply the steel in round, flat, square and other shapes with different tolerance limits. The steel can also feature different chemical compositions and physical properties, and which largely determine the characteristics of this AISI steel.
The company also has AISI 4340 steel in its portfolio, which is heat treatable with low alloy steel. The spokesperson reveals that this AISI steel comes with a typical composition of 1.8%, Ni, 0.8% Cr and 0.2% Mo. It has a very high strength and toughness and which increase its application areas. Besides, this steel has a very good fatigue resistance and wear resistance. With a superior resistance against atmospheric corrosion, the steel is generally supplied in hardened and tempered condition. The steel shows a tensile strength range between 930Mpa and 1080Mpa, while the hardness is 280-320HB. According to the spokesperson, the pre-hardened 4340 steel can be further hardened using flames, induction hardening or the nitriding process. Available in round, square, flat and other shapes, the steel can have a customized tolerance level as per the demand of the customer.

Another kind of AISI steel that customer would be interested in is the AISI 1045 steel. This is the medium carbon steel, with carbon content from 0.43% to 0.50%. With a good welding ability and an excellent machining ability, the steel is suitable for different kinds of industrial processes. It has high strength and impact resistance, but has low hardening abilities because of lack of appropriate alloying elements in it. The steel is generally supplied in red hot forged and normalized conditions with a tensile strength as high as 570-700Mpa and a surface hardness between 170HB and 210HB.

One can check the specifications and features of the AISI steel supplied by the company by visiting their website http://www.round-bars.com/.

About Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd.

Wuxi Xingsheng Special Steel Co.,Ltd was established in 1998. The company focuses on forging for more than 20 years and only supplies steel products with high strength and great forging abilities. They have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Now for more than 20 years of development, the company has become one of the leading special steel manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.



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