VDM METALS to Invest €21 M in a new Bright Annealing Line in Werdohl (German)

50 meters high, 73 meters long and 14 meters wide is to be the hall that VDM wants to erect in order to accommodate a new bright annealing line. The figure shows the planned building from direction Vorthbrücke. (Credit Photo© Stoppacher Engineering company)

Werdohl – The Group VDM Metals plans to invest approximately 21 million euros in Werdohl. “This project is extremely important for Werdohl. It is a clear sign that you are planning with this location at least for the next 20 years, “explained graduate engineer Hansjörg Rau, authorized officer and head of operations at VDM’s Unna location. Rau presented the large-scale project – planned for the construction of a new hall in which a blank annealing line is to be erected – at the meeting of the Committee on Environment and Urban Development on Tuesday in the Town Hall. “It is a very positive sign that the new shareholders have decided to invest,” said the engineer. The investment was necessary as the plant, which is currently in operation and was built in 1977, has come to a date. “There were already several repairs,” said Rau.

Before they had decided to build new halls, other possibilities had been examined. “It has been shown, however, that the new building will be the most practical and effective way,” explained the company spokesman. The new hall is to be built parallel to the street An der Vorthbrücke: 73 meters long, 14 meters wide and 50 meters high. “A striking optical point,” emphasized Rau. In the annealing plant, materials would be annealed at extremely high temperatures. “We’re talking about 1230 degrees that are reached. We are pretty much alone in the world, “the VDM spokesman pointed out.

In order to realize the project, the company would have to acquire a green belt from the city of Werdohl. It is a narrow strip with a width of two to three meters, a total of approximately 475 square meters. The construction plans had no negative impact on the planned Lenneradweg. “Of course, we will meet all the required distances,” the engineer said. Thomas Molz, Head of Central Technology of VDM Metals GmbH in Werdohl underlined that this applies naturally also to all noise protection requirements. Thomas Schroeder, responsible department manager at the city, had inquired about this. Nor would Rau, at the request of the Chairman of the Committee, Jürgen Henke, state that the residents would not have to fear harassment from fumes or a heat development,

The construction of the new incandescent line would increase the capacity at the Werdohler plant by 30 percent. Then strips with a width of 35 to 83 centimeters and a thickness of 0.4 to 4 millimeters could be annealed. Annealing is a diverse field of heat treatment of steel. In the various annealing processes, microstructures and mechanical properties of the steels are changed.

“We are assuming that the plant will go into operation in January 2019,” Rau reported. SPD counselor Udo Böhme was delighted that the new construction would secure the jobs in Werdohl. He wanted to know if there would be any more. “If we can fully utilize the capacity of the facility, we need more staff. However, we are talking about two to three jobs, “replied Hansjörg Rau.

VDM Metals

Werdohl is the largest site of VDM Metals GmbH. According to the company, there are 161 employees in the band and 86 in the wire division. In addition, the VDM service center (32 employees) is located in Werdohl. A further 423 employees are employed in the administrative area. Other VDM sites are located in Altena, Unna, Siegen and Duisburg, with two plants in the USA.

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