US Steel dépense 960.000$ pour ses actions de lobbying au 1er trimestre 2010 (US)


Le siège de US Steel ( à droite ) à Pittsburgh dans l’état de la Pensylvanie

WASHINGTON (AP) – United States Steel Corp. spent $960,000 in the first quarter to lobby Congress on legislation ranging from defense to trade, according to a recent report.From January to March, U.S. Steel lobbied the House and Senate on legislation that would affect the steel industry, which is emerging from a steep downturn caused by the recession. Issues included anti-terrorism proposals, the environment, trade, retiree health benefits, tariffs and taxes, according to a report filed April 14 with the House clerk’s office.The Pittsburgh company also lobbied on proposals dealing with government agency oversight of steel manufacturing operations.A year ago, U.S. Steel spent $1.1 million on government lobbying.

Source : AP

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