Swiss Steelmaker Stahl Gerlafingen in survival mode (US)

The steelworks in Gerlafingen is the oldest representative of the heavy industry in Switzerland. But the colossus has to fight with the strong franc and high energy and transport costs. The basic industry has a particularly difficult situation at the Swiss factory: its bulk goods are too expensive, not competitive with foreign countries and unprofitable. The Solothurn region can sing a song of this. With the closures of the cellulose factory in Luterbach and the paper factory in Biberist within a few years, two of the three colossi have disappeared. The steelworks in Gerlafingen remain. The former name of Roll stands for the oldest representative of the heavy industry in Switzerland. After many turbulences and changes of ownership, the company has stabilized to some extent. The basis for this is the construction industry, which has been flourishing for years. About 90 percent of the Gerlafinger steel flow to construction sites, primarily in Switzerland. Behind this, however, is also a lump risk. The employees do a good job and have partly contributed drastic savings and efficiency improvements. These are external factors which almost make impossible a higher return: the strong franc, high energy and transport costs. The manager also complains that there is a lack of political support. The importance of the steel mill is often forgotten as the largest recycling company in Switzerland: it processes half of the iron scrap that is produced here. As long as the halls tremble in Gerlafingen, the noise level is high and the chimneys smoke, everything is all right. But the question is always in the center: How long are the Italian owners watching? The steelwork is in survival mode.

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