Slovakian’s forgings company ZTS Metalurg under bankruptcy (US)

The company has focused since its establishment on products for use in the defence industry, ZTS METALURG, a.s. has many years of experience and a long tradition in the production of open and closed-die drop forgings as well as steel castings, cast steel and alloy steels.

The Czechoslovakian group decided to stop production at ZTS Metalurg in Dubenika Nad and Om. The company’s extinction ends on June 30 with more than 100 tribal employees. A spokesman for the news group Andrei Chirtak announced it. “Several dozen employees have the option to switch to Slovak company MSM Holdings, which is also part of the Czech group, or to Ostrava-based heavy machinery Vítkovice.Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how many people will leave our group after finishing production at ZTS Metalurg That our companies in the CzechRepublic and Slovakia are interested in a few dozen, “said Chertek, who said that the departing employees would receive severance pay in accordance with a labor code. According to him, the reason for the end of production in ZTS Metalurg is satisfactory economic results and also the fact that today there are duplicate capabilities metallurgy of the Czech Republic Group.

“ZTS Metalurg at the Dubnitsa-Nad Vahom facility remains the property of the group and discusses additional use, and we see various options – from leasing to preserving some of the special production,” the spokesman added.

They release everyone

According to ZTS Metalurg, chairman of the trade union, in Oboba, there are 117 people in the company, redundant all of them that ZTS Metalurg is to finish its activities on 30 June.

“In the past, employees went from company to company, went through two bankruptcies and did not pay their claims, and now all their claims – severance pay, severance pay and no one else will be paid under a collective agreement. That the company’s management notified the employees on April 29 and that they have all the contracts ending the signature today.

The Czechoslovak Group is a holding company devoted to defense and industrial and commercial needs. The main sectors are engineering, automotive, railway, aerospace and aviation. In 2017, the companies included in the holding generated total revenues of 25 billion Canadian dollars and more than 8,000 employees worked there.


Dubnica's ZTS Metallurg company ends, 117 employees will lose their jobs

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