Ruukki takes a step forward with its emerging markets strategy (US)

Ruukki unveiled its sales office in Mumbai followed by a short ‘Pooja’ – (Hindu ceremony) – in hope of good luck for the new business. “It’s a milestone for us,” said Jouni Rättyä, Vice President, Special Steel sales, as he cut the shiny ribbon to declare Ruukki’s office open for business. “India is a great market opportunity for us. We are in here for the long haul and opening an office in Mumbai is another key part to fulfill our emerging markets strategy,” he added. India is already familiar territory for Ruukki as it has been working in partnership with the agent Steelforce for over five years already.  Having its partner in the same city means the two companies are able to increase their close co-operation further. “It’s a much welcomed move. We can now work in the same timezone, we can coordinate technical support, marketing and sales campaigns much more efficiently. It makes us stronger together,” said Rakesh Sharma, Associate Director from Steelforce. India needs steel to build its infrastructure and Ruukki’s high quality steel can help its customers to step ahead of the competition. “In the current climate customers are looking to make cost savings. But at the same time they know the importance of better materials because durability and longer product lifespan can give them a competitive edge, and how it can create savings in the long term,” said Sharad Rastogi, Country Manager, India at  Ruukki Metals. The new office is located in ‘Navi Mumbai’ or New Mumbai – the new commercial center of the fast growing megacity. “We wanted to be nearer our customers and wanted to have a base that has the good connections and Mumbai made perfect sense for us,” said Rättyä.

Source : Ruukki

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