Dillinger Hütte and Saarland University Study how to improve the quality of the heavy steel plates (German)

Forscher der Saar-Uni entschlüsseln Geheimnisse in der Zusammensetzung des Werkstoffes. Kooperation mit der Dillinger Hütte läuft weiter

Was haben all diejenigen, die vor Weihnachten mit Begeisterung Plätzchen backen mit Stahlkochern der Dillinger Hütte gemeinsam? Doktorandin Lena Eisenhut von der Universität des Saarlandes beschreibt es treffend: Die Suche Read more

Metal Powder 3D Printing Guide (US)

Addressing metal-only technologies, the co-authors (Adeline Riou of Aubert & Duval and Claus Aumund-Kopp of Fraunhofer IFAM) discuss laser-beam melting, electron-beam melting, binder-jetting and directed energy deposition systems, citing examples from such manufacturers as Arcam, Concept Laser, Digital Metal, EOS, ExOne, Renishaw, SLM Solutions, Optomec, Trumpf and more.

Striking a balance between overview and technical details, “Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Technology: A Guide for Designers and Engineers” (epma.com/epma-free-publications) explains metal additive manufacturing (AM/3D printing). It comes from a working group within the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA), known as the European Additive ManufacturingRead more

Dual-use ventures help start-up to create 3D printing entire rocket with high performance alloys (US)

Using 3-D printing technologies and proprietary alloys,  will generate entire rockets. Automating rocket manufacturing would result in comparatively low-cost, high-performance spacecraft operational much faster than today’s rockets – Ellis estimates 60 days, in contrast to the 12 to 18 months it currently takes. And the efficiency doesn’t end there.

Five rapidly growing companies pitched their business models on Nov. 30 to a room of senior military officers and investors, including Gen. (ret.) David Petraeus, at this fall’s “Real Deal @ USC” at the Marina Del Rey Hotel. “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight all the interesting things we do here at USC in the area of innovation and commercialization,” said Yannis Yortsos, dean of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and host of the event. The “Real Deal @ USC” fosters connections between entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders who can accelerate Read more

Algérie : montée en puissance de la production métallurgique (FR)

En Algérie, les importations des principaux produits sidérurgiques ont atteint un montant global de 36,4 milliards dollars sur les 6 dernières années. 

L’Etat algérien prévoit porter de sa production sidérurgique à 12 millions de tonnes par an à l’horizon 2020, contre une production actuelle avoisinant les 2,5 millions de tonnes. L’accélération de la hausse de la production résulterait de l’entrée en exploitation des projets publics et privés déjà en cours. L’Algérie serait sur la voie de décupler la production de son industrie sidérurgique. D’après le ministre algérien de l’Industrie et des mines, Youcef Yousfi, la production sidérurgique Read more

China’s Hesteel to boost steel output in Serbia in 2018 (US)

BELGRADE (Serbia), December 18 (SeeNews) – The Serbian president’s office said on Monday China’s Hesteel aims to increase the output of steel mill Zelezara Smederevo to 1.8 million tonnes of steel in 2018 from 1.5 million tonnes this year. The company expects the revenue of ZelezaraRead more

New Logo for GMH Gruppe (German)

Georgsmarienhütte. Die Unternehmen Stahlwerk Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, Blankstahl GmbH, Recycling GmbH, Akademie GmbH und Systems GmbH – alles Unternehmen der GMH Gruppe – zeigen sich seit Kurzem mit einem neuen Erscheinungsbild.

Wie an allen Unternehmensstandorten der GMH Gruppe wurden die Logos auch auf dem Gelände in GMHütte ausgetauscht. Ab sofort bilde der individuelle Standortname eine Einheit mit der GMHRead more

United States produced 90.1 million tons of steel in 2017 (US)

A bar of steel makes its way through the 80″ hot strip mill at AcerlorMittal Indiana Harbor on its way to becoming a coil of steel. The United States produced 90.1 million tons of steel in 2017, a 4.3 percent increase over the output from 2016. (Credit photo @  Viktor Mácha / viktormacha.com)

The United States produced about 90.1 million tons of steel in 2017, a 4.3 percent increase over the previous year. reat Lakes steel production, however, plunged to 594,000 tons of steel in the last full week of the year that ended Dec. 30, closing the door on 2017 with a steep drop of 7 percent. Steel Read more

China to ‘strictly’ ban any new steelmaking capacity in 2018 (US)

BEIJING, Jan 4 (Reuters) – China will continue to “unswervingly” cut existing steel capacity and “strictly” ban the launch any new steelmaking facilities in 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said in a statement late on Wednesday. “We will strictlycapacity  forbid any new steel capacity to be launched…and make sure all outdated steel is eliminated and

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IBC and NioCorp Produce first ingot of Aluminum-Scandium Alloys (US)

The ingots, representing a range of scandium content, will now undergo chemical analysis and other metallurgical testing to confirm the microstructure and performance of the alloys.  This testing is the basis for commercializing Aluminum-Scandium alloys. “I am very pleased with the successful execution by Chris Huskamp and his team of this initial production campaign, and we Read more

Cogne Acciai Speciali Adjusts its Strategy for Growth (Italian)

To adjust its strategy for growth, Italian Special Steels maker Cogne Acciai Speciali will focus mainly on : quality, diversification and human resources. Cogne recruited 62 workers in 2017 and wants to recruit 30 workers in 2018.  Cogne closed the 2017 fiscal year with a increased turnover of  €490 million against €403 million in 2016. The volume increased slightly from 164,000 tons in 2016, to 172,000 tons in 2017. For 2018 Cogne expects a turnover of €520 million and a production of 177,000 tons.Read more

From Atoms to Turbine Blades (US)

Superalloys represent key materials for turbine blades in modern gas turbines for aero engines and power plants. International mobility and global energy supply rely on this fascinating class of high temperature materials. Improvements in efficiency and emissions demand new concepts for alloy design and fabrication technology. This colloquium focuses on recent progress in material and process development in the field of Ni- and Co-based superalloys taking into account future trends in developing, processing and applications of these extraordinary materials. The collaborative research center SFB/TR 103 „From Atoms to Turbine Blades“ aims onRead more

Jinjiang rachète SAM technologies (FR)

Le repreneur ne supprimera que 50 postes sur 740 et investira 42 millions d’euros dans les fonderies de pièces automobiles du groupe Arche, en redressement judiciaire depuis 2016.

La bonne nouvelle est arrivée peu avant Noël. Le tribunal de commerce de Paris a prononcé le 22 décembre la reprise du fabricant de pièces automobiles moulées en aluminium SAM Technologies à Viviez (Aveyron),  en redressement depuis juillet, et de ses sociétés soeurs FVM et Alfisa. Le repreneur est le groupe chinois Hangzhou Jinjiang qui

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Better properties for magnesium alloy (US)

Orthogonal groove strain pressing and fast annealing dramatically shrinks the grain size of AZ31 magnesium alloy, resulting in increased strength and room temperature ductility. Before processing (left), after processing (right).

Magnesium alloy can be made stronger and more workable by hot pressing under optimized conditions to produce an ultra-fine crystalline structure, A*STAR researchers have shown1. The improved material means magnesium alloy will have broader applications as an ultra-light structural material.

Aluminum alloy is currently the go-to light metal for many structural applications, from aircraft fuselages to smartphone bodies. It is light, corrosion-resistant and is relatively easy to shape, weld and work. Alloys of magnesium are up to one-third lighter than alloys of aluminum, and are particularly promising for applicationsRead more

Hitachi Metals Joins IBM to explore the impact of Quantum Computing on the Material Science (US)

Hitachi Metals has joined the IBM Research Frontiers Institute as a Founder, and it envisions that the research into different methods of material development that this will afford—methods such as neuromorphic technologies that leverage cognitive technologies, as well as Materials Informatics —will bring dramatic advancements to its advanced materials R&D.

Yorktown Heights, N.Y. – 14 Dec 2017: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the first clients to tap into its IBM Q™ early-access commercial quantum computing systems to explore practical applications important to business

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Australian Titomic to trial patented titanium coating technology (US)

Callidus Welding Solutions office and workshop located in Wangara, Western Australia.

Titomic (ASX: TTT) plans to kick-off a collaborative partnership with Callidus Welding Solutions in February 2018, which will involve incorporating Titomic’s kinetic fusion process into Callidus’ rapid additive parts manufacturing to create titanium-coated components. Initially, prototype parts will be developed to ensure they meet Callidus’ performance requirements for its mining, oil and gas clients. “This project will enable Titomic to illustrate how rapid additive manufacturing via the Titomic kinetic fusion process can put companies ahead of their peers and provideRead more

Damen Bags Special Steel Tanks Contract (US)

Johan Dasht (CEO, OKG) and Flip van der Waal (Managing Director, Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet). Photo: Damen Shipyards Group

Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet Sweden has been awarded the contract to manufacture high-precision special steel tanks together with their integrated cassettes for OKG; operator of three nuclear reactors on Sweden’s Simpevarp peninsula. With two reactors due to be decommissioned and dismantled, the tanks will be used to store radioactive reactor parts as part of the disposal process.

While Damen Oskarshamnsvarvet Sweden is best known as one of the ship repair and conversion yards in the Baltic Sea, it has over many years built up a reputation as a niche fabricator of high quality steel structures of all kinds. Its

Unknown Metal Alloys From UFOs Were Recovered By The Pentagon (US)

1945 UFO crash in San Antonio, New Mexico including microscopic analysis of actual materials taken from the UFO.

The Pentagon has revealed that they recovered metal alloys from a UFO that they do not recognize. The materials are said to have properties that are amazing and are currently said to be in storage in buildings in Las Vegas that have been modified.

DOD Admitted To $22 Million Secret UFO Investigation Programme

The Department of Defence admitted that there was a programme that had been kept secret which cost $22 million and this programme was running between 2007 and 2012, and its sole purpose was to look into UFO reports and investigate. An author of the New York Times who revealed that the materials have amazing properties said thatRead more

What is Mondaloy and why should you care?

Monica Jacinto is a materials engineering and processes fellow at Aerojet Rocketdyne. (Credit Photo @ Aerojet Rocketdyne) 

Monica Jacinto is a materials engineering and processes fellow at Aerojet Rocketdyne. Credit: Aerojet Rocketdyne Spolier alert: it’s a superalloy Aerojet Rocketdyne is qualifying for high-performance rocket engines, including the AR1 vying with Blue Origin’s BE-4 to power Vulcan

Aerojet Rocketdyne’s success in developing AR1, an engine designed to replace Russian-made RD-180 engines on United Launch Alliance rockets, hinges in part on its use of Mondaloy, a nickel-based superalloy invented in the 1990s by metallurgists Monica Jacinto, then working at Rocketdyne, and Dallis Hardwick from the Rockwell Science Center. Prior to the 1990s, U.S. engine makers shied away from developing oxygen-rich staged combustionRead more

French steel firm Ascometal attracts four bidders (US)

STRASBOURG, France, Dec 19 (Reuters) – Troubled French steelmaker Ascometal has drawn interest from four potential buyers, union officials said on Tuesday, with commodity group Liberty House and Swiss steel firm Schmolz + Bickenbach confirming their interest. Ascometal, which employs more than 1,300 people, filed for court protection last month after weak steel and oil markets in the past two years undermined an attempted recovery following a previous buyout in 2014. Three companies – Liberty House, Schmolz + Bickenbach and Spain’s Sidenor – submitted Read more

Novel technique expands industrial use of advanced high-strength steel alloys (Us)

Brazilian researcher develops innovative method of laser welding at high temperatures that enhances properties of AHS steel for applications in automotive and aerospace industries (image: Welding Journal)

By Elton Alisson  |  Agência FAPESP – The automotive industry’s demand for high-performance alloys known as advanced high-strength (AHS) steels has increased in recent years owing to increasingly tough passenger safety, vehicle performance and fuel economy requirements. Characterized by improved formability and collision resilience compared to conventional steel grades, high-strength steels have been used in critical safety locations in car bodyRead more

Weldaloy Expands Capabilities Through Equipment Upgrades, Facilities (US)

UES Celebrates win of Materials Characterization Contract with US Air Force Research Laboratory (US)

As the US AFRL’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (RX) celebrates its century of success, UES celebrates another milestone! We have been awarded a contract to work with the AFRL on Advanced Characterization of Materials (ACOM) at RX’s Materials Characterization Facility (MCF). Structural and functional materials are the backbone of all Air Force systems. Whether for ground-, air- or space-based applications, materials research and characterization support current Warfighter capabilities and enable advancements to meet rapidly evolving mission Read more

Cobalt prices climb after Cobalt 27’s 800 Tons purchase (Us)

Cobalt prices, which are up about 140% so far this year, continued to climb this week, but at a slower pace compared with last week, after the market continued to digest news of Canadian investment vehicle Cobalt 27 Capital adding another 822 mt of the metal to its inventory, bringing its holdings to nearly 3,000 mt.  Toronto-based Cobalt 27Read more

Steel specialist Dillinger is funding material research projects at Saarland University (US)

Nearly EUR 1 million in continued funding for another three years

The result: three nearly completed doctoral dissertations, 25 bachelor’s and master’s theses, ten international publications, and 20 lectures at scientific conferences.

Offshore wind power plants and pipelines constructed on the ocean floor are subjected to high stresses and loads. Heavy plate steel from Dillinger in Saarland is used for these projects all over the world. “These structures must withstand hurricane-force squalls and enormous ocean currents as well as ensure safe operation under these extreme conditions for decades,” explained Bernd Münnich, who earned his doctorate in materials engineering atRead more

Voestalpine Rotec acquires KTL facilities of Romanian company “Barum Technik” (US)

Voestalpine Rotec GmbH (Metal Forming Division) has acquired the KTL facilities of the Romanian company “Barum Technik” based in Timişoara. Henceforth Barum Technik will operate as “voestalpine Rotec Coating SRL” with a staff of around 160 employees. The acquisition in the coating sector represents a lengthening of theRead more

Accelerated analysis of the stability of complex alloys (US)

Prof Dr Alfred Ludwig, Dr Yujiao Li, Alan Savan and Dr Aleksander Kostka (from front to back) – (Credit Photo  © RUB, Marquard )

Material scientists are able to determine if a new material remains stable under temperature load within the space of a few days. They have developed a novel process for analyzing, for example, the temperature and oxidation resistance of complex alloys that are made up of a number of different elements. Previously, such analyses used to take months.

Material scientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum are able to determine if a new material remains stable under temperature load within the space of a few days. They have developed a novel process for analysing, for example, the temperature and oxidation resistance of complex alloys that are made up of a number of different elements. Previously, such analyses used to take months. The team headed by Prof Dr Alfred Ludwig and Dr Yujiao Li from the Read more

Journée Innovations Métallurgiques pour l’Industrie de la Défense – Ecole Militaire de Paris – 29 Mars 2018

Le Cercle des Études des Métaux (CEM), dont le siège est à l’École des Mines de Saint-Etienne, organise le 29 mars 2018 une journée thématique  intitulée  “Innovations Métallurgiques pour l’Industrie de la Défense”, dans les locaux de l’Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale (IHEDN) au sein de l’École Militaire de Paris. Il s’agit de promouvoir la métallurgie française et ses acteurs et de montrer son apport à l’industrie française de la défense. Cette conférence regroupera des producteurs d’alliages métalliques à hautes performances, des industriels de la défense, des organismes de recherche et des centres techniques, ainsi que des institutions publiques et privées en lien avec le monde de la défense. Les présentations techniques aborderont des sujets à la pointe de l’innovation métallurgique comme la métallurgie des poudres, la fabrication additive, les alliages à hautes performances, les revêtements innovants, l’allègement des matériaux, les nouveaux aciers de blindage et, enfin, les procédés innovants  de contrôle et de mise  en œuvre des matériaux. Cette journée est l’occasion pour des intervenants de haut rang d’exposer leur vision des synergies à développer entre la métallurgie, l’industrie de la défense et le monde de l’innovation et de la recherche.   Read more

Une PME française a mis au point un blindage plus résistant et deux fois plus léger (FR)

Avec le soutien de la Direction générale de l’armement (DGA), via le dispositif RAPID, et en partenariat avec le CTTC (Centre de transfert de technologies céramiques) de Limoges, la PME française Marion Technologies a mis au point un procédé de fabrication qui, appelé « NANO NOXCERA », permet de produire des blindages 20% plus résistants par rapport aux standards actuels du marché tout en étant deux fois plus légers. Présentée lors du dernier forum DGA Innovation, NANO NOXCERA s’appuie sur les nanotechnologies et allie deux innovations « majeures. » La première porte sur la production d’une poudre céramique à base de carbure de bore, de taille nanométrique. Les propriétés de ce matériau se rapprochent de celles du diamant, du moins pour ce qui concerne sa dureté. « Plus le grain est fin, plus laRead more

Constellium awarded the 2017 Defense Manufacturing Technology Achievement Award for its large scale aluminum hull solution increasing the protection of warfighters (US)

Finished formed and machined hull – Constellium Paris

14 December 2017 – Amsterdam, December 14, 2017 – Constellium N.V. (NYSE and Euronext Paris: CSTM) was a recipient of the 2017 Defense Manufacturing Technology (ManTech) Achievement Award in the category of Enhancing Military Capability, for its contributions as part of the U.S. Army’s Affordable Protection from Objective Threats (APOT) ManTech program. This prestigious award recognizes individuals from government and the private sector whose ManTech projects result in system enhancements to improve military performance. Dr. Bryan Cheeseman, Team Leader, Material Manufacturing and Technology Branch of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) nominated Constellium for its efforts in development and maturation of the industrial scale processing of aluminum armor plateRead more

Man dies in explosion at Birmingham Titanium factory (US)

The explosion occurred at the Timet UK metal smelting plant in Holford Road, Witton. Photograph: Google Street View

Police say blast occurred at around 2.45am at Timet UK metal smelting plant in Witton area of city. 

An inquiry has been launched after a man was killed in an explosion at a metal factory in Birmingham. olice said the incident happened at around 2.45am at the Timet UK metal smelting plant in Holford Road, Witton. The West Midlands fire service confirmed the death and the victim’s relatives have been informed. West Midlands Fire Service operations commander Steve Harris confirmed that the victim was a 39-year-old man and his family had been informed. “Our thoughts are with the victim’s family, his friends and colleagues following this tragic incident,” he said. “It would appear that the incident involved the fracture of coolant pipes. The nature of the material involvedRead more