US Senator Charles Schumer hopes that Norsk Titanium will benefit from military contracts (US)

Charles “Chuck” Schumer talks about the “totally exciting” 3D technology that Norsk Titanium uses to produce titanium aerospace parts faster and far cheaper than traditional means. At the Plattsburgh plant Friday, the senator promised to support addition of language in the Senate’s version of the Defense Authorization Bill that calls for the military to look at the new technology when procuring contracts. (Credit Photo @ KAYLA BREEN)

PLATTSBURGH — U.S. Charles Schumer is hopeful that Norsk Titanium will benefit greatly from future military contracts. “With the military, there is huge potential for Norsk,” the Senate majority leader said during a visit to the manufacturing plant Friday.  “I promise everyone here that whatever clout I have I will use to convinceContinue reading

Ascometal: vaste réorganisation des sites et arrêt de l’aciérie des Dunes (FR)

La décision avait déjà été prise mais on ne connaissait pas encore la date : l’aciérie de l’usine d’Ascométal, dans le Dunkerquois, fermera finalement le samedi 30 septembre. Un plan social (140 départs) a déjà été lancé. En janvier, Asco-Industries, qui avait repris l’usine Ascométal en juin 2014, finalisait le rachat de l’aciérie de Vallourec à Saint-Saulve. Le même jour, Asco-Industries et Vallourec annonçaient la création de la SAS Ascoval, détenue à 60 % parContinue reading

US Army Researchers Discover Aluminum Alloy That Reacts With Water To Create Hydrogen (US)

Researchers with the U.S. Army accidentally discovered a new way to produce hydrogen with aluminum. The new aluminum nanomaterial produces hydrogen when exposed to water.  (David McNally | U.S. Army )

Car manufacturers have turned to hydrogen as one of the go-to sources of fuel for clean energy in vehicles, but despite its abundant nature, the gas is difficult to store and transport. However, an accidental discovery may just have found the solution to the hydrogen problem that could potentially turn things around for the industry. A team of U.S. Army researchers hard at work during a routine materials testing at the Aberdeen Proving GroundContinue reading

Researchers Evaluate Aluminum Alloy Using Neutron (US)

Neutrons peered inside an aluminum-cerium engine component to see how it reacted to high heat and stress

In a first-of-its-kind experiment, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory used neutrons to investigate the performance of components made of a new aluminum-cerium alloy on a gasoline-powered engine while it was running. They wanted to determine if the alloy would hold up under the heat and stress of an internal combustion Continue reading

Sidenor Azkoita has a safe workload until December (Spanish)

La decisión de la firma de constituir una filial en Reinosa no afectará a la planta guipuzcoana

DONOSTIA – La fábrica que Sidenor tiene en Azkotia se encuentra a pleno rendimiento con una carga de trabajo asegurada hasta diciembre, según indica el secretario general de la Federación de Industria de USO Euskadi, Víctor Sánchez, quien considera que la decisión de la compañía de crear una filial en Reinosa no afecta a los planesContinue reading

Sandvik Materials Technology to lay off 210 white-collar employees (US)

Swedish equipment and tool manufacturer Sandvik Mining (STO:SAND) is letting go 210 white-collar employees at its Materials Technology unit (SMT), located in Sandviken, about 190 km north of Stockholm. The decision comes as tougher competition from Asian suppliers, pressure on prices and a sustained weakness in the oil an gas sector haveContinue reading

HCL and Midhani to produce copper-nickel tubes (US)

Hindustan Copper Ltd (HCL) is looking to get into the production of value-added products to shield itself from volatility in copper prices. Copper prices have firmed up in the international markets and are currently ruling at  $6,500 a tonne.

“There is a huge demand for copper-nickel tubes used in naval fighter ships, submarines, etc. These are currently being imported. There is a huge potential,”

Kailash Dhar Diwan – HCL  CEO

The average price of copper in the same period last year was $5,200 a tonne. According to Kailash Dhar Diwan, Chairman and Managing Director, HCL, the company plans to get into a joint venture agreement with Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (MIDHANI), a central public sector enterprise under the Ministry of Defence, for production of copper-nickel tubes. It has already signed an MoU with MIDHANI. “There is a huge demand for copper-nickel tubesContinue reading

Taiwan’s GMTC partners with Thermal Technology LLC to develop metal 3D printing powders (US)

Gloria Material Technology Corp. (GMTC), a Taiwan-based specialty alloys manufacturer, and Thermal Technology LLC, a California-based sintering system manufacturer, will be collaborating to develop metal powders for 3D printing. The two companies recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish the partnership. The signing of the MoU was a big event, as representatives from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Affairs and Taiwan’s Ministry of Economy were present as witnesses to the signing. By working together to developContinue reading