How one engineer is “fighting a good fight” against metal corrosion (US)

Nick Birbilis finds the deterioration mechanism of a metal fascinating. His pioneering work in preserving metallic elements has won him the prestigious Batterham Medal.

Professor Nick Birbilis spends his working days in constant battle with nature. As the Woodside Innovation Chair and Head of Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University, his career is devoted to controlling the corrosive qualities of metals. “I feel like I’m fighting a good fight,” he said. “To some extent, all engineers are trying to go one better than nature.” An expert in corrosion, durability management and the behaviour of metallic elements, Birbilis was awarded the 2017 Batterham Medal in recognition of his contribution to Continue reading

Millions exposed to potentially dangerous metals, new technology could help lower the risk (US)

Linda Nie, an associate professor in Purdue University’s School of Health Sciences, helped create new technology to try to reduce the number of people impacted by health problems associated with the accumulation of metals in the body

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A unique system developed by Purdue University researchers may help reduce the number of people impacted by health problems associated with the accumulation of metals in the body. The technology detects manganese, a known neurotoxicant in high concentrations, which more than 1 million people in the United States are exposed to each year through their work in areas such as welding and construction, or during daily activities, such as eating food and drinking water. Overexposure can lead to impaired cognitiveContinue reading

Mysterious force found behind strange superconductor metals (US)

Scientists analysing a group of truly strange metals have found a whole new superconductor capability. 

Metals known as cuprates have fascinated scientists for their strange characteristics, but a recent discovery published in Science has found that they also carry current in a completely different way to other metals such as copper. Cuprates are high-temperature superconductors (HTS), which means that theyContinue reading

Novel Process Route for the Manufacturing of TiAl Turbine Blades (US)

Fraunhofer IPT’s Angela Niedermeyer, Thomas Vollmer, Prof. Dr Robert Schmitt and Access eV’s Dr Matthias Bünck examine the novel process route for the manufacturing of TiAl turbine blades in order to enable material-efficient serial production.

High performance inter-metallic alloys based on titanium and aluminium (TiAl) have been attracting interest among aircraft engine manufacturers for some time. In aircraft manufacturing, lightweight materials always have been of great importance. Today, this issue has gained even more importance, not least in regard to the environmental goals set in Flightpath 2050, namely a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 90% reduction in NOx. In this regard, a decrease of the aircraft thrust-to-weight ratio is desirable, which can beContinue reading

Carpenter Technology CEO says center to develop products from alloys to 3-D printed parts (US)

Carpenter’s 500,000-square-foot Alabama manufacturing facility, which began operations in 2014, produces high-end specialty alloy products, primarily for the aerospace and energy markets. It later expanded the Athens site to produce superalloy powders used in applications including jet engine disks and 3-D printed aircraft engine components and other products.

At Carpenter Technology’s Emerging Technology Center, which is expected to open in Tanner in about 12 months, the company will develop and implement future products “from new alloys to revolutionary 3-D printed parts,” according to CEO Tony Thene. Gov. Kay Ivey and executives of Philadelphia-based Carpenter officially announced the company’s plans to invest $52 million in the new center on Monday at the Farnborough International Airshow near London. The company said about 60 jobs will be created over the next five years. During an earnings call earlier this year, Thene said the “industry-leading” center would be focused on Carpenter’s “key growth platforms includingContinue reading

ATI Acquires Aerospace & Defense Additive Manufacturer Addaero (US)

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated ATI, +0.34% today announced that it has acquired Addaero Manufacturing (Addaero), a leader in metal alloy-based additive manufacturing for the aerospace and defense industries, located in New Britain, CT. “This strategic acquisition brings together ATI’s deep knowledge and experience in commercial aerospace and our industry-leading powder metal manufacturing capabilities, including our new aerospace-qualified Bakers Powder Operations, and Addaero’s technical expertise to produce aerospace quality parts using variousContinue reading

U.S. Army and Missile Defense Agency to develop novel high-strength, magnesium alloys (US)

These new alloys, with further development, show tremendous potential to save 30% or more in structural weight by replacing cast and wrought 2000, 6000, and 7000 series aluminum alloys in transportation, space, and defense applications. Replacing steel with aluminum can lead to an ~40% weight savings and using magnesium alloys instead of aluminum can lead to a further weight reduction of ~30%.

Ohio—Terves LLC. (“Terves”) is pleased to announce that it was selected by the U.S. Army and Missile Defense Agency to continue development of novel high-strength, non-flammable, nanostructured magnesium alloys for light-weighting applications. Terves received the Department of Defense (“DoD”) SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) support to enhance its patent-pending cast and wrought Magnesium alloys derivedContinue reading

Norsk Titanium Collaborates with QuesTek Innovations LLC (US)

July 20, 2018 – Farnborough, UK – July 17, 2018 – Norsk Titanium (Norsk) and QuesTek Innovations LLC (QuesTek) announce a collaborative effort to test novel titanium alloys for applicability in additive manufacturing processes. As part of this collaboration, the companies are evaluating a QuesTek-designed titanium alloy using Norsk’s Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (RPD™) process. Preliminary evaluation of the alloy is complete and NTi has manufactured initial test specimens.   The test program will characterize the alloy microstructure, provide initialContinue reading

Materion Testifies on Stategic Materials Committee at the United States Senate (US)

Materion’s Greg Gregory testifies before U.S. Senate’s Committee on Energy & Natural Resources

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jul 18, 2018–Materion Corporation (NYSE:MTRN) yesterday testified before the Committee on Energy & Natural Resources of the United States Senate about the importance of critical minerals to the U.S. military and the U.S. economy. Responding to an invitation from Chairman Murkowski of Alaska, Materion Natural Resources President Greg Gregory testified to the need for a whole-of-government approach to critical minerals.   “We appreciate the opportunity that Chairman Murkowski offered us to explainContinue reading

U.S. Commerce launches national security probe into uranium imports (US)

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Wednesday that he has launched a new national security investigation into uranium imports that could lead to tariffs or quotas to limit them.

WASHINGTON (AFP) –  The United States on Wednesday began investigating whether uranium imports threaten national security, launching a process that could see yet more tariffs imposed on exports from allied countries. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the probe would cover the entire uranium sector, including mining and enrichment, and both defense and industrial uses. “Our production of uranium necessary for military and electric power has dropped from 49 percent of our consumption to five percent,” Ross said in a statement.  He pledged a thorough, fair and transparent investigation of the matter. Ross formally notified Defense Secretary JimContinue reading