NASA develops a New Alloy on International Space Station (US)

The Material Science Laboratory’s Low Gradient Furnace (LGF) during pre-flight assembly (Credit Photo @ NASA)

A centuries-old materials bonding process is being tested aboard the International Space Station in an experiment that could pave the way for more materials research of its kind aboard the orbiting laboratory. Sintering is the process of heating different materials to compress their particles together. “In space the rules of sintering change,” said Rand German, principal investigator for the investigation titled NASA Sample Cartridge Assembly-Gravitational Effects on Distortion in Sintering (MSL SCA-GEDS-German). “The first timeContinue reading

India Develops Superalloys for Nuclear Reactors (US)

Hyderabad: Researchers at Hyderabad-based Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) indigenously developed super alloys that form an important part of nuclear reactors, which hitherto were imported from other countries.

The two super alloys developed by the top nuclear institutions include SuperNi (Super Nickel) and a Titanium-based alloy Titan 24. “For many of our nuclear programmes, we are forced to import material. Such nuclear materials are not readily available, attract international regulations and are expensive. This forced us to develop SuperNi and Titan 24,” said Dr. Dinesh Srivastava, chairman and chief executiveContinue reading

Mettis Aerospace Looking for Acquisitions (US)

A Worcestershire-headquartered manufacturer which was involved in the Spitfire programme and now supplies aerospace components to the likes of Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Boeing has reported a rise in both turnover and profits for its latest financial year. The company’s chief executive also exclusively told Insider that it is working on acquisitions in the UK, Europe and the US. Mettis Aerospace, which can trace its roots back to the 1930s, has posted a turnover of £75m for the year to 31 December 2017, up from £67.9m in 2016. The company, which moved to Redditch in 1938, also posted pre-tax profits of £10.3m, up from £5.5m. Mettis’ chief executive Gordon Fraser also told Insider that between 20 to 25 new jobs could be created in the next 12 months. Mettis Aerospace started life as High Duty Alloys andContinue reading

Sheffield Forgemasters Orders Book Reaches a record of $150 million (US)

Highest value for new orders in over five years, highlighted by defense and material processing programs

The company, which has been pursuing diverse global contracts since the 2015 oil and gas market crash, counts UK and US defence orders, materials processing, and research and development projects orders as helping to support the order book. Forgemasters’ policy of heavy investment in technology and skill allows it to operate in a competitive worldwide market for large scale engineered components which have a high safety-critical requirement. Dr Graham Honeyman CBE, chief executive at Sheffield Forgemasters, said: “We are very pleased to report that our order book has breached the 100 million pound mark for the first time in five years. “This announcement follows a prolonged period of market austerity across all of our market sectors after the global recession started to take effect, which was further compounded by the collapse of oil and gas markets which closed off a key revenue stream almost overnight. “It is important toContinue reading

Sidenor Forgings Q1 Sales exceeds the budget and reaches €27 million (Spanish)

La fábrica de Reinosa tiene una plantilla media de 644 trabajadores, superior a los 554 empleos establecidos como objetivo

El 9 de noviembre del pasado año, la empresa pública Sodercán (Sociedad para el Desarrollo de Cantabria) entró en el accionariado de Sidenor Forgings & Casting a través de la aportación de 15 millones de euros mediante la adquisición del 24,9% de sus acciones en un operación que se consideró clave para la factoría de Reinosa. Sidenor Forgings & Casting y Sodercán firmaron entonces un compromiso de empleo y de inversión en la empresa reinosana que, cumplido el primer trimestre del año, ofrece sus primeros resultados; datos que invitan al optimismo, según la visión de la propia empresa. De acuerdo con los resultados a los que ha tenido acceso este periódico, las ventas de Sidenor Forgings & Casting en el primer trimestre del año ascendieron a 27 millones de euros, por encima del presupuesto de ventas para 2018 aprobado en el consejo de administración de la empresa, que es de 104 millones de euros. Además, según la firma, se observa una tendencia alcista en el presente ejercicio de la cartera de pedidos de piezas, que invita al optimismo de cara al futuro más inmediato.Continue reading

Metal Ravne steelmakers demand higher salaries (Slovenian)

Metal Ravne  in 2017 at a glance : 

  • 127,000 tons of steel production 
  • 80,000 tons of finished products 
  • Turnover in 2017 :  €175 million
  • Turnover target for 2018 : €200 million
  • employees : 1,100 workers 


Ravne na Koroškem – Med upravo skupine Slovenska industrija jekla (Sij) in predstavniki sindikatov, ki zastopajo zaposlene v njihovih družbah, se odnosi zaostrujejo. Sindikati, naveličani neuresničenih obljub o spremembi plačnega sistema, se bodo prihodnji teden znova sešli z upravo, nato na zborih delavcev iskali podporo za svoje zahteve pri vseh zaposlenih.  »Junija pa … Takrat se lahko marsikaj zgodi. Stvari se morajo premakniti. Uprava samo zavlačuje, mi pa nismo pripravljeni več čakati. Zaposleni ne čutimo gospodarske rasti, pa biContinue reading

Uddeholm Develops a Crisis Application for Safety Incidents (US)

Digitalisering i verkligheten, från Uddeholm.

Med hjälp av Prevas har Uddeholm tagit fram en krisapp som de använder vid eventuella incidenter. Det var Uddeholms säkerhetschef Mathias Hedlund och VD Johnny Sjöström som kallade till möte för att diskutera möjligheten med att – som de kallade det – ”digitalisera

Continue reading

Saarland’s Steel Industry is Taking a Stake in the Cybersecurity Rhebo Solution (US)

Rhebo Industrial Protector ensures seamless monitoring of all communication flows in machine-to-machine communications in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments. All data traffic is analyzed at the content and metadata levels. Undesired changes due to hacker attacks, unauthorized access or network errors, for example, are reported in real time and risks that arise in the context of Industry 4.0 are counteracted.

Along with other prominent investors, SHS Ventures, a venture capital company, has acquired a stake in Rhebo GmbH, a Leipzig-based high-tech company, on behalf of the Saarland’s steel industry.

Rhebo safeguards all control networks of industrial facilities against disruption to operations and cyber attacks. By indicating any unauthorized access or even sabotage, Rhebo significantly improves security and optimizes facility availability by continuously monitoring in real time. Rhebo is listed by Gartner, the global leader in IT market research, as the only German manufacturer of anomaly detection

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Super-Elastic Reinforcement Alloy Which Can Withstand the Impact of Earthquakes (US)

Shahria Alam stands near some of the concrete bridge piers tested at the Applied Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures at the University of British Columbia. Alam and a former PhD student have developed a residual drift-based design for concrete bridges that emloys a super-elastic reinforcement alloy.

An engineering professor and his former PhD student at UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna have developed “a residual drift-based design” for concrete bridges that employs a super-elastic reinforcement alloy which can withstand the impact of earthquakes. Conventional reinforced steel, by comparison, sustains “large deformation demand during big earthquakes which causes the steel to strain beyond its elastic limit,” says Shahria Alam, associate professor in the school of engineering at UBC’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna. A case in point is the earthquake that hit Kobe, Japan, in 1995 leaving more than 100 steel reinforced concrete bridges beyond repair. If those bridges were reinforced with a super-elastic memory alloy, they might have only required “minor repairs” because theContinue reading

Fushun Special Steel Faces Specter of Delisting Over Restatements (US)

Shanghai-listed Fushun Special Steel may face delisting warning if it fails to release its 2017 annual report by June 30. (Credit Photo@VCG)

Fushun Special Steel Co. Ltd, the Shanghai-listed arm of embattled Dongbei Special Steel, warned investors it faces the risk of delisting if it misses a June 30 deadline for restating financial reports to correct falsified inventory data. The company “is actively drafting” financial reports for 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. But “there is risk that the work can’t be completed by the deadline and the company may be forced to delist” from the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company said Monday in a filing. Shares of Fushun Special have been suspended since January after it admitted falsifying inventory numbers. If Fushun fails to release its 2017 annual report by June 30, under exchangeContinue reading