Thyssenkrupp, Voestalpine subsidiaries seek U.S. tariff exemptions (US)

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – U.S. subsidiaries of European steelmakers Thyssenkrupp (TKAG.DE) and Voestalpine (VOES.VI) have applied for exemptions from looming import tariffs in the United States, according to company comments and public filings.The filings, first reported by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche, have been made by Thyssenkrupp Presta Danville LLC, which requires assembled camshaft tubes, and U.S. subsidiaries ofContinue reading

Fushun Special Steel Sinks Deeper Into Trouble (US)

Fushun Special Steel was once seen as the star subsidiary of Dongbei Special Steel, the country’s biggest bond defaulter, and was excluded from the bankruptcy and restructuring of the state-owned steel giant in 2017 because it was profitable. Also based in Liaoning, the heart of the country’s rustbelt, Dongbei Special Steel was revived after creditors agreed to a restructuring plan that involved Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. Ltd., China’s largest privately-owned steelmaker, investing 4.46 billion yuan to become its largest shareholder with a 43% stake. A person with knowledge of Dongbei Special Steel’s bankruptcy restructuring told Caixin that Fushun’s inventory problems were found only after Jiangsu Shagang came in as a strategic investor and conducted its own audit. Previously, Fushun had not allowedContinue reading

Dual-use ventures help start-up to create 3D printing entire rocket with high performance alloys (US)

Using 3-D printing technologies and proprietary alloys,  will generate entire rockets. Automating rocket manufacturing would result in comparatively low-cost, high-performance spacecraft operational much faster than today’s rockets – Ellis estimates 60 days, in contrast to the 12 to 18 months it currently takes. And the efficiency doesn’t end there.

Five rapidly growing companies pitched their business models on Nov. 30 to a room of senior military officers and investors, including Gen. (ret.) David Petraeus, at this fall’s “Real Deal @ USC” at the Marina Del Rey Hotel. “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to highlight all the interesting things we do here at USC in the area of innovation and commercialization,” said Yannis Yortsos, dean Continue reading

Pratt & Whitney adds nanoparticules to its nickel based superalloys to make engine components (US)

Alan Epstein, Pratt & Whitney’s vice president for Technology & Environment :  ” To create light and resilient engines, Pratt & Whitney has added nanoparticles to its engine materials. Nickel-based superalloys – materials made of different metals mixed together to improve strength – are used to make engine components ” 

Creating lighter yet powerful engines is just one way the aviation industry is trying to reduce its environmental impact.

Imagine how much cleaner the air would be if 3 million cars were taken off the roads in your city. A hint: Banning just half of Beijing’s 3.3 million cars before the 2008 Olympics cleared its skyline within a few days. The world’s skies may clear in an equally dramatic fashion if the aviation industry could succeed in cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through more efficient engines, sustainable fuel and use ofContinue reading

LISI : annonce un investissement industriel de 110 millions d’euros (FR)

Forges de Bologne fabrique pour l’aéronautique, des structures (hublots, pièces de plancher, supports de sièges, trains d’atterrissage etc.) et des aubes de turbines pour les moteurs d’avion. © Forges de Bologne.

LISI poursuit la transformation du site des Forges de Bologne (Haute-Marne) engagée en janvier 2016. Ainsi, l’équipementier aéronautique et automobile confirme la construction d’une nouvelle usine sur le Parc Plein’Est de la communauté d’agglomération de Chaumont, pour l’ensemble des activités du site actuel de Bologne. Cet investissement immobilier, porté par la société d’économie mixte Continue reading

Metalcam is under the threat of bankruptcy (Italian)

According to the Italian newspaper Milano Finanzache  Metalcam the Italian special steels and forgings maker is under the threat of bankruptcy.  Metalcam is the last industrial participation of Carlo Tasara owned by Romain Zaleski.  The company is considering filling the article 161 of the Italian law to prevent bankruptcy at the Brescia court. Metalcam was not able yet to deposit its financial statements for 2016.  Metalcam sales decreased from M€ 103  to M€ 85 between 2014 and 2015 and the net profit decreased from M€ 11.5 to M€ 1.6 between 2014 and 2015.  Metalcam  debt was evaluated at M€ 196.7 included M€ 152 payable to banks. 



MILANO (MF-DJ)–Strada in salita per Metalcam, l’azienda metallurgica rimasta l’unica partecipazione industriale della Carlo Tassara di Romain Zaleski. Qualche giorno fa, scrive MF, il presidente Giorgio Alberti ha tenuto una riunione del consiglio d’amministrazione cui ha partecipato fra gli altri l’amministratore delegato Mario Cocchi, legato da sempre a Zaleski. Alberti sottolinea che visto il bilancio 2016Continue reading

Algérie : montée en puissance de la production métallurgique (FR)

En Algérie, les importations des principaux produits sidérurgiques ont atteint un montant global de 36,4 milliards dollars sur les 6 dernières années. 

L’Etat algérien prévoit porter de sa production sidérurgique à 12 millions de tonnes par an à l’horizon 2020, contre une production actuelle avoisinant les 2,5 millions de tonnes. L’accélération de la hausse de la production résulterait de l’entrée en exploitation des projets publics et privés déjà en cours. L’Algérie serait sur la voie de décupler la production de son industrie sidérurgique. D’après leContinue reading

Overseas order boost for Alloy Wire International (US)

A sustained campaign focused on increasing export work is reaping dividends for a specialist Black Country manufacturer.

Alloy Wire international (AWI), which supplies more than 60 different ‘high performance alloys’, has seen overseas sales grow by 10% in 2017 and now sends its products to 55 different countries across the world. Norway has seenContinue reading

Perryman Co. buys former Caterpillar site to expand titanium production (US)

Titanium is used in additive /3D Industry has been identified as an area for immediate growth.  Viewed by many  as transformative technology, Perryman has been supporting titanium additive /3D users for over 10 years. “Our strength  as a fully integrated titanium producer uniquely positions us to support the growth of this emerging industry. Our aim is to ensure there is a reliable, high quality source of supply” stated Perryman. The new campus will provide a solid foundation for Perryman to proactively expand titanium operations.  

Perryman Co., a titanium producer headquartered in Houston, Pa., has purchased 35 acres adjacent to the company’s facilities there. The new addition will allow the company to invest in additional manufacturing capacity Continue reading