Additive Manufacturing for the Defense Industry (US)

Additive Manufacturing Handbook focuses on product design for the defense industry, which affects virtually every other industry. Thus, the handbook provides a wide range of benefits to all segments of business, industry, and government. Manufacturing has undergone a major advancement and technology shift in recent years.

Dr. Adedeji B. Badiru is a professor of systems engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. He is a registered professional engineer (PE). He is a fellow of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers and a fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering. He is also a certified project management professional (PMP). He is PhD in industrial engineering Continue reading

Russia Next Generation Attack Submarine will use Titanium (US)

The submarine’s noise absorbing rubberized coating will be replaced with a multiple layer of composite materials. Made from those will be hulk coatings, nose and aft rudders, stabilizers, superstructure enclosure, propellers, and shaft lines. The use of titanium alloys is also very likely, testifying to which is the possible diving depth of the submarine (up to 1 km) and its service life.

On May 22, 2018, Aleksey Rakhmanov, the head of the USC, said in an interview to Izvestia about completion of the conceptual stage in designing the fifth-generation submarine. For obvious reasons the military does not reveal details, but by now sufficient information is already available for defining the boat’s general concept. First off, it will be built based on the modular system. The Russian Navy will get a basic underwater platform with a nuclear reactor and a propulsive system, defense equipment and command post. Provisions are made in the central part of the boat for placing various modules.  Depending on filling with them, the boat can be converted to a strategic missileContinue reading

Army researchers develop novel nanogalvanic alloys for on-demand hydrogen generation (US)

Army researchers have developed a novel, structurally-stable, aluminum-based nanogalvanic alloy powder that, when combined with water or any water-based liquid, reacts to produce on-demand hydrogen for power generation at room temperature without chemicals, catalysts or externally supplied power. These patent-pending powders produce hydrogen at a rate that currently is one of the fastest reported for Al and water reactions without the need of hazardous and costly materials or additional processes. The reaction results in the production of hydrogen and heat with only inert residual materials; i.e., no toxic by-products. ARL has demonstrated that hydrolysis will occur with virtually any water containing liquid. It has long been known that aluminum (Al) reacts with water to produce hydrogen gas and aluminum oxide via a hydrolysisContinue reading

Christel Bories : «2017 a été une bonne année pour Comilog» (FR)

Christel Bories répondant aux questions des journalistes, le 21 juin 2018 à Moanda. © Gabonreview

Si elle s’est dite satisfaite des performances 2017 de la Compagnie minière de l’Ogooué (Comilog), la PDG du Groupe Eramet entend aller encore plus loin. Face à la presse, le 21 juin à Moanda, Christel Bories a notamment souligné que cette ambition passe nécessairement par l’amélioration des performances opérationnelles.

Que retenir des travaux du conseil d’administration qui vient de se tenir ?

C’était un conseil d’administration très constructif, qui travaille bien. Il faut dire que les résultats de la Comilog sont bon : 2017 a été une bonne année. Avec, à la fois, des prix du  manganèse qui se sont bien portés et surtout, un travail très important réalisé par les équipes avec un record de production à plus de quatre millions de tonnes. Et, également, une amélioration des résultats de sécurité. En gros, meilleurs résultats, meilleure production, meilleure sécurité de nos employés : tout va dans le bon sens. Et 2018 s’annonce pour êtreContinue reading

Microdécolletage : tremper l’acier d’abord (FR)

Micro-D2 : optimisation du procédé de décolletage sur tenon de mouvement horloger

Axes, vis, tenons, pignons…, plusieurs dizaines de pièces métalliques minuscules composent le cœur d’une montre mécanique. L’évolution des contraintes environnementales obligeant à recourir à de nouveaux aciers, les problèmes de qualité générant des rebuts importants chez les fabricants, et le souhait de gagner en autonomie pour l’approvisionnement de ces composants dans les manufactures horlogères invitent à travailler, à l’échelle du micromètre, à de nouvelles techniques de décolletage. Technique de prédilection de nombreuses entreprises de la région, le décolletage consiste à fabriquer des pièces à partir de barres de métal, par uneContinue reading

Cobalt, lithium and nickel are booming due to China’s insatiable appetite for electric vehicles (US)

World prices of cobalt, lithium and nickel are booming as China’s insatiable need for the battery packs used in electric vehicles drove up demand, recreating the economic bonanza that fuelled commodity-exporting countries a decade ago.  The price of lithium, a soft silvery white metal usually mined from brines, has soared by more than 300 per cent in the past two years. The price of cobalt, mostly mined as a by-product of nickel and copper, surged 129 per cent last year while nickel surged 4.6 per cent to a two-year high in London. At the centre of the boom is China’s support for developing electric vehicles (EV) to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Electric vehicles made up aContinue reading

Superior Forge and Finkl & Sons Win $897 Million U.S. Defense for the production of bunker buster bomb warhead bodies (US)

The contracts guarantee production of 300 bodies each in the firstyear, and up to 3,500 bodies each in the subsequent four years. Work under both contracts is expected to be completed by May 3, 2020. 

The U.S. Air Force awarded two contracts for the production of bunker buster bomb warhead bodies for up to $897 million, a U.S. Department of Defense release said. Superior Forge and Steel Corp., Lima, Ohio, was awarded up to $476,935,075 and A. Finkl & Sons Co., Chicago, was awarded up to $419,633,500 for BLU-137/B penetrator warheadContinue reading

Men who sold titanium to Pratt & Whitney contractor plead guilty to federal fraud charges (US)

The owners of a West Bridgewater metals firm that sold improperly sourced titanium to the aerospace industry have pleaded guilty to federal mail fraud charges, and could face prison time. John J. Palie Jr., 62, of Tiverton, R.I., and John J. Palie III, 42, of Plymouth, Mass., appeared in U.S. District Court in Bridgwater, Conn. on Wednesday. The two admitted they lied about the source and quality of the titanium, saying the metal was certified for advancedContinue reading

Superstrong Al alloys may change manufacturing processes for automobiles, aerospace devices (US)

In this photo, Qiang Li makes a deposition program on the operational computer, and Yifan Zhang loads samples into a sputtering chamber to prepare high-strength Al alloy coatings. Credit Photo @Purdue University

 University researchers have developed a superstrong material that may change some manufacturing processes for the aerospace and automobile industries. The Purdue team, led by Xinghang Zhang, a professor in Purdue’s School of Materials Engineering, created high-strength aluminum alloy coatings. According to Zhang, there is an increasing demand for such materials because of their advantages for automakers and aerospace industries. “We have created a very durable and lightweight aluminum alloy that is just as strong as, and possibly stronger than, stainless steel,” Zhang said. “Our aluminum alloy is lightweight and provides flexibility that stainless steel does not in manyContinue reading

Apollo Minerals Receives French Government Approval to Obtain 100% Ownership of Tungsten Couflens Project (US)

The miner said the approval allowed it to purchase the remaining 20% interest in the project it does not already own, having acquired an 80% interest in the project in 2017. Apollo Minerals Limited (ASX:AON) has received approval from the French Ministry of Economy and Finance to gain 100% ownership of the Couflens tungsten-copper-gold project in the Pyrenees. The miner said the approval allowed it to purchase the remaining 20% interest in the project it does not already own, having acquired an 80% interest in the project in 2017.The group added that it wouldContinue reading