Milling Cutting Tools : Ceramic Beats Carbides (US)

For heat-resistant super alloys, the cutting speed of carbide milling cutters is approx. 50m/min. Ceramic milling cutters offer a different approach, with cutting speeds of up to 1,000m/min. The range of applications of ceramic cutting tool materials includes nickel-based, cobalt-based and iron-based heat-resistant alloys in the ISO S group. Typical alloys are for example Inconel 718, René 80, Nimonic 80A, Haynes 556, Mar-M-247 and Stellite 31. These heat-resistant super alloys (HRSAs) are the preferred choice for the use in the hot section of aircraft engines.

Cutting tool specialist, Walter AG explains how the machining of heat-resistant super alloys can be achieved with the same feed rates as aluminium. Walter’s aerospace component manager, Stefan Benkóczy reports.

The high volume of orders in the aviation industry places great pressure on the capacity of engine manufacturers and their suppliers. Therefore, a reduction in component machining times would be highly beneficial. For heat-resistantContinue reading

Australian Navy to test Scandium Alloys (US)

On Nov 20, 2018, Scandium International has signed a Letter Of Intent (LOI) with Austal Ltd., the world’s largest aluminum shipbuilder and Australia’s largest defense exporter, to test scandium-containing aluminum alloys in marine applications. The LOI calls for the Scandium International to contribute various aluminum alloy samples containing scandium, for testing by Austal and potentially other third party testing groups, to determine suitability in marine and defense applications. In over thirty years of operation, Austal has constructed over 300 vessels for 100 operators in 54 countries around the world. Scandium International intends to publicly report a summary of the results at the conclusion of the program.

Australia-focused critical metals explorer Scandium International  will work with shipbuilder Austal (ASX:ASB) to test aluminum alloys containing scandium for marine applications. The companies have signed a letter of intent (LOI), stating Scandium International will provide Austal with a variety of aluminum alloy samples containing Continue reading

Fujian Sangang buys bankrupt Laiwu Steel in Xinjiang (US)

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s government-backed Fujian Sangang Group purchased iron- and steel-making capacity from a bankrupt plant in western China, the company said on Monday, allowing the company to expand its own capacity later. The purchase is part of a growing trend, implicitly backed by China’s government, of swapping steel capacity between the country’s regions to foster consolidation in the industry and to reduce the concentration of Continue reading

Acciai Special Terni Profits To Reach €98 Million in 2018 (Italian)

(Credit Photo @ Viktor Mácha)

Sale da 87 a 98 milioni, nell’anno fiscale, l’utile di Acciai Speciali Terni. La produzione della controllata di ThyssenKrupp è salita oltre il milione di tonnellate, mentre lo spedito si attesta a 890mila tonnellate. Sono stati investiti 35,1 milioni. Il futuro è più complicato, anche a causa del peggioramento del quadro commerciale internazionale, innescato dai dazi di Trump a inizio estate. «Le condizioni sono peggiori rispetto a quando avevamo Continue reading

La volonté d’acier d’Altifort (FR)

Le patron d’Altifort, Bart Gruyaert, ici à PVI (ex-Pentair) à Ham, est le principal candidat au rachat de Ascoval.

Le groupe industriel Altifort, dont le siège est basé à Ham chez PVI (ex-Pentair) (Somme) est le premier candidat au rachat de Ascoval. Son patron Bart Gruyaert est ultra-motivé pour l’acquisition.

  • Le groupe Altifort a été créé en 2014.
  • Fin 2016, il rachète Pentair à Ham, usine baptisée Picardie Valves industries (PVI) le 1er janvier 2017.
  • Le site de la Somme devient le siège d’un groupe industriel à la croissance insolente.

’il a fixé le siège de son groupe dans la petite ville de Ham chez Picardie Valves Industries (PVI) en rachetant Pentair en 2017, il ne s’agit pas là de la coquetterie d’un industriel qui la jouerait modeste. «  C’est une reconnaissance au territoire et nous démontrons notre ancrage  », souligne le président d’Altifort, Bart Gruyaert. Le groupe franco-belge compte aujourd’hui près de 1 500 collaborateurs (dont 130 hors de France), répartis sur dix-huit sitesContinue reading

Pratt and Whitney Sells Israeli Carmel Forge Facility (US)

Bet Shemesh Engines signed an agreement to buy Pratt and Whitney-owned jet parts manufacturer Carmel Forge for $ 58.5 million.  Carmel Forge will continue to supply parts to Pratt & Whitney under a 10-year, $360 million agreement.

Israeli engine part manufacturer Bet Shemesh Motors has signed an agreement to acquire Israeli Carmel Forge from American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Company Inc., the former announced in a Tel Aviv Stock Exchange filing Sunday. According to the terms of the transaction, Carmel Forge will sign a framework agreement for the supply of parts to the Pratt & Whitney Group over a period of ten years for an estimated total of $362 Continue reading

Newest Lithium Mine Officially Opens In Australia (US)

The lithium train shows no sign of slowing in WA as the state’s newest mine officially opens, with plans already in motion to expand the Pilbara operation. The first shipment from Pilbara Minerals’ Pilgangoora lithium-tantalum project left the mine on October 2 but was officially opened by WA Mines and Petroleum Minister Bill Johnston on Friday. 

Located 120 kilometres south of Port Hedland, the mine will produce 330,000 tonnes of lithium a year and about 300,000 pounds of tantalum. The Pilgangoora project’s workforce peaked at more than 800 during construction, but now there are about 200 operational staff on-site and in Perth.The opening comes just more than four years to theContinue reading

New High Entropy Alloy to Replace Platanium Alloys in Catalysts (US)

The industry has been traditionally deploying platinum alloys as catalysts for oxygen reduction, which is for example essential in fuel cells or metal-air batteries. Expensive and rare, that metal imposes strict restrictions on manufacture. Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) and Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung have discovered an alloy made up of five elements that is noble metal-free and as active as platinum. They published their paper in the journal Advanced Energy Materials on October 21, 2018.  On photo Tobias Löffler, Alan Savan, Alfred Ludwig and Wolfgang Schuhmann (from the left) in the laboratory.

New neighbours form active centres

The catalytic properties of non-noble elements and their alloys are usually rather poor. To the researchers’ surprise, one alloy made up of five almost equally balanced components offer much better properties. This is because of theContinue reading

Thyssenkrupp’s new Moroccan location ready for take-off (US)

Morocco’s aerospace industry is booming. With an annual growth rate of over 15%, it is a significant driving force behind the nation’s economy. This encouraging development is also fuelling demand for local material suppliers and service providers.

“This is a trend we identified early on, and we will be commissioning our highly modern materials processing and logistics centre in Casablanca before the end of the year, so that we can supply our local customers with the required materials and services,” explained Patrick Marous, CEO thyssenkrupp Aerospace. Eric Cornilleau, managingContinue reading

Uddeholms Opens Its New 3D Printing Metal Powder Facility (Swedish)

Under fredagen invigde Uddeholm sin senaste produktionsanläggning. En helt ny produkt ska tillverkas: ett pulver – som ska föra Uddeholm in i framtiden. Uddeholmsbolaget ska med skrot som råvara tillverka pulver till 3D-skrivare. Det är en produkt som ska föra det gamla anrika bolaget in i framtiden. Pulvret har en kornstorlek på 20-50 mikrometer (miljondels meter) och säljs för 1 000 kronor kilot. – Personligen tycker jag det här är den viktigaste Continue reading