VSMPO employees filed more than 7,000 ideas (Russian)

Более 7000 предложений по улучшению производственных процессов подали работники ВСМПО за 11 месяцев 2018 года. Каждое десятое из них пришлось на цех №16, ставший лидером по количеству идей. Второе место занял цех №21, сотрудники которого стали авторами 419 предложений. Также в первую тройку вошел цех №3, давший жизнь 392 улучшениям и обновлениям. По 300 идей поступило из контрольно-испытательного и научно-технического центров, а также отделаContinue reading

Former U.S Navy SEAL officer and Blackwater founder launches fund to invest in electric car battery metals (US)

Erik Prince, the founder of controversial U.S. private security firm Blackwater and an informal campaign adviser to President Donald Trump, is looking to raise as much as $500m to invest in metals used in the batteries that power electric cars.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince aims to raise as much as $500 million to invest in metals needed for making the batteries that power electric vehicles (EVs), the Financial Times reports. Prince, who besides starting the controversial private security company is known for have been an informal campaign adviser to US President Donald Trump, said the fund will bring unexplored deposits into production and then sell them to large miners after four to five years. The fund will focus mainly on cobalt, copper and lithium assets located mainly inContinue reading

China’s Cheap Steelmaking Machines Pose Safety Concerns in Southeast Asia (US)

MANILA—China banned induction furnaces last year in a crackdown on polluting producers of low-quality steel, but the equipment has made its way to parts of Southeast Asia, putting pressure on domestic steelmakers and fueling safety and environmental concerns. The Philippines and Indonesia have seen an influx of these furnaces since China prohibited their use for steelmaking in June 2017, eliminating 154 million tons of capacity—or just over the combined output of the United States and Germany. The two Southeast Asian nations—big steel importers with fast-growing economies—are ideal markets for these induction furnaces, or IFs, that produce cheaper steel. But some Continue reading

SINTERmat: La métallurgie de l’avenir débarque à Montbard (FR)

La start-up SINTERmat, spécialiste de la métallurgie des poudres, a choisi Montbard comme lieu d’implantation.

De la fierté. Tel est le sentiment qu’avoue Laurence Porte, la maire de Montbard, lorsqu’elle évoque l’installation de l’entreprise SINTERmat à Montbard. Car c’est un enfant du pays qui revient en ses terres natales pour lancer son activité. Originaire de Venarey-Les Laumes, Foad Naimi est à l’origine de la création de SINTERmat. L’entreprise, spécialisée dans la métallurgie des poudres, emploiera sept personnes.



Artificial intelligence meets materials science (US)

Texas A&M researchers work on coding an algorithm. (Credit Photo@Dharmesh Pate)

A Texas A&M University College of Engineering research team is harnessing the power of machine learning, data science and the domain knowledge of experts to autonomously discover new materials. The team developed and demonstrated an autonomous and efficient framework capable of optimally exploring a materials design space (the materials design space is an abstraction of the concrete world. It is the space of all the possible materials under study, characterized by fundamental material features). An autonomous system — or artificial intelligence (AI) agent — is defined as any system capable of building an internal representation, or model, of the problem of interest, and that then uses the model to make decisions and take actions independent of human involvement. The authors of this interdisciplinary Continue reading

Posco hires ex-Daelim CEO for future growth (US)

Steel giant Posco has hired former the CEO of Daelim Industrial to seek the company’s future growth, it said Thursday in a statement. Oh Gyu-seok, former president of the local builder, will take charge of the newly established future growth division assigned to pave the way for the 50-year-old steelmaker struggling to find alternatives amid declining market demand for metal. Oh is the first outsider to take the Continue reading

Le nouveau PDG d’ArcelorMittal Méditerranée relaie l’appel de son groupe: “La sidérurgie doit être soutenue” (FR)

Bruno Ribo a pris ses fonctions à la tête du site ArcelorMittal de Fos. Il arrive de l’usine de Galati en Roumanie.(Credit Photo@ FRÉDÉRIC SPEICH)

Après un parcours complet au sein du groupe ArcelorMittal depuis 1989, Bruno Ribo vient de prendre ses fonctions à la tête d’ArcelorMittal Méditerranée à Fos. Ingénieur de formation, il quitte la direction de l’usine de Galati en Roumanie, couplée à celle de Skopje (Macédoine) dont le groupe a dû se séparer, à la demande de la Commission européenne, pour pouvoir intégrer le site d’Ilva, en Italie.

Où en est-on de l’intégration d’Ilva ? Que peut en attendre Fos ?
Bruno Ribo : 
La cession n’est pas encore finalisée, elle doit se faire dans le courant du premier trimestre et doit être approuvée par la Commission européenne. Le site d’Ilva a un aval plus complet que Fos. ArcelorMittal n’était pas présent de façon significative jusque-là en Italie exceptée à travers son usine de Piombino spécialisée dans le finishing. Fos a une place importante dans la production de “produitsContinue reading

BASF’s proposed new cathode recipe would include 70% manganese, 20% nickel and no more than 5% cobalt (US)

In yet another lithium-ion battery shake-up, the common nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) cathode formula is about to undergo another rejig after the world’s largest chemical company BASF said it was looking to reduce both the nickel and cobalt content in the cathode, while upping the manganese element. The NMC-based lithium-ion battery is commonly used in electric vehicles and BASF expects altering the battery recipe to including more manganese will slash battery costs – making electric vehicles (EVs) cheaper. Under BASF’s proposed new move, it will start Continue reading

US Advanced Battery Consortium funds extension of lithium-ion battery recycling process (US)

Yan Wang, William Smith Foundation Dean’s Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), with a sample of the cathode materials he is able to produce with his process for recycling lithium-ion batteries. The focus of his work with USABC is electric and hybrid vehicle batteries, like the ones in front of him on the lab table.

Developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the patented process can recycle the most widely used power source for and electric and hybrid vehicles and use the recovered materials to produce nickel-rich cathodes for commercial-grade automotive batteries.

Worcester, Mass. – With a $1.08 million contract award from the United States Advanced Battery Consortium LLC (USABC), a collaborative organization of FCA US LLC, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors, a materials engineering research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) will extend development of its novel process toContinue reading

Melrose weighs options after ‘low-ball’ bids for GKN Powder Metallurgy unit (US)

The industrialists who bought GKN, the British engineering group, in a controversial £8bn deal this year are weighing options for one of its key divisions after receiving a string of “low-ball” takeover offers.  Sky News has learnt that executives at Melrose are deciding whether to press on with an immediate auction of GKN Powder Metallurgy following initial bids last week valuing the business at about £1.6bn. That figure was well belowContinue reading