Nanshan Aluminum and Rolls-Royce sign contract agreement (US)

In October 27th, Nanshan aluminum forging company with the British Rolls Royce company (Rolls-Royce) engine rotating parts supply contract signing ceremony was held in the Nanshan aviation technology center park. Rolls Royce Asia Pacific Supplier Management Executive James Lloyd, Rolls Royce Chinese supplier management executive official Hong Xiang, Lolo Chinese District rotary parts supplier management business manager Wu Tan, Cheng Rence, chairman of Nanshan, Nanshan aluminum board, deputy general manager and general manager Lu airmaterial park is the wind, Nanshan aluminum board, deputy general manager Liu Chunlei, general manager of Nanshan aluminum forging company Liao Mao and company leadership, the backbone of the business and foreign experts attended the ceremony. The signing marks and Nanshan aluminum Rolls Royce to establish strategic cooperative partnership firm, Nanshan aluminum forging company in the aviation field of forging breakthrough and sustained, steady and rapid development has laid a good foundation.

Rolls Royce Asia Pacific Supplier Management Executive James Lloyd speech at the signing ceremony, he said, this company attaches great importance to cooperation with the Nanshan, Nanshan is a key part of this China supply chain business, he had done to the Nanshan aluminum forging company gave a high evaluation of the work, at the same position in subsequent cooperation in this, the company will give full support of Nanshan aluminum forging company, proposed the two sides to strengthen communication, enhance mutual understanding, enhance the sense of cultural identity, hope to join Lolo Nanshan “zero defect” movement, the business ability and talent integration, constantly improve the technology, production and management capacity, and more look forward to the future of Nanshan forging delivered product.

Subsequently, the deputy general manager of Nanshan aluminum board, aviation Park general manager Lv Zhengfeng speech, he pointed out that the signing of the contract marks the disc type forging coverage Nanshan aluminum aerospace materials from the materials is further extended to aircraft engine core materials, means another important progress on the road of Nanshan aluminum industry. In forging the company will be the most attentive service, the most efficient price, the most stable and reliable product quality, provide the most suitable for Rolls Royce and accurate product solutions, the cooperation and friendship between the two sides continue to deepen, go forward hand in hand, mutual benefit and win-win.

At the signing ceremony, Rolls Royce Chinese supplier management executive general manager of official Hong Xiang and Nanshan aluminum forging company Liao Mao representing the two sides signed in engine rotating parts enterprises, supply contract after the guests attending the ceremony, a photo, a signing ceremony in a harmonious harmony atmosphere ended.

Finally, the two sides had a friendly enterprise delegates in-depth exchanges, said good wishes to establish long-term cooperation. Cheng Rence said the chairman of Nanshan aluminum guests welcome and thanks, aero engine is “modern industry” the Pearl on the crown, signed a supply contract that Rolls Royce engine supplier to the world’s most advanced Nanshan ranks an important step in the future, although there is a long way to go, but is ready to challenge the limits of Nanshan aluminum preparation, Nanshan aluminum forging company will not forget the early heart, to ensure the aircraft engines have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, material certification and achieve batch supply.

The British Rolls Royce company (Rolls-Royce) is one of the world’s three largest aviation engine manufacturer, is Europe’s largest aviation engine enterprises. There are strict conditions on the selection of Rolls Royce global supplier, Rolls Royce and Nanshan disc forging forging company has signed a supply contract marks the advanced equipment and technology of forging company recognition, but also indicates that the company achieved a high starting point of Nanshan forging in the aviation sector, the future will become a world-class aviation dieforgings especially key engine parts – rotating parts R & D and production of an important base.

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