Marketing System of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Aimed at Differentiating Service with Customer Value Orientation (US)

Baosteel Engineer Visits Australian Customers (Credit Photo @ Baosteel)

Customer as center” has become hot words of Baosteel marketing system annual work. In 2011, marketing system will further emphasize system capacity building; differentiate products and service with overall consideration and mentality of “building up marketing value chain oriented at customer value”; maintain and sustain its leading market position of flat products. Complicated and changeable circumstances bring formidable challenges to Baosteel marketing system. Based on arrangements and requirements of Baosteel annual work conference, guidelines of marketing system annual work were made clear: to build up marketing value chain oriented at customer value with on-site initiatives and product embodiment.

Service precedence and system capacity enhancement are key elements of marketing system annual work arrangements. In service precedence, marketing system establishes customer centered service model, providing customers with whole life-cycle solution scheme: reviewing the model for automobile customers under sole standard of customer satisfaction; formulating, continuously improving and implementing professional solution scheme covering all industries and product specifications according to customer requirements.  In system capacity enhancement, marketing system fully integrates process and mechanism based on strengthening marketing management reform. Works include: identifying key business modules, processes, discrepancies; facilitating system integration, designated supplementary improvement; establishing talent building model of improved compatibility to firmly implement new-round three-year development plan. Sales model review and design to improve efficiency of supply chain and different channels are formulated to add value to enterprise and customers.

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