FOMAS Group and INTECO Group enter into a joint development agreement to produce metal powders for the Additive Manufacturing market (US)

Osnago (Lc), Italy/Bruck a.d. Mur, Austria September 2017 – FOMAS Group and INTECO Group, leaders in their respective industrial niches, are pleased to announce that they have signed a cooperation agreement to produce metal powders dedicated to the Additive Manufacturing market.

 The agreement between FOMAS Group and INTECO Group is rooted in their complementary  industrial operations and joint vision on the future of the Additive Manufacturing industry. In particular, the plan envisages investments in both plants (northern Italy and USA) and human resources. Two identical plants, one located near FOMAS in Osnago, the other one at the INTECO Group member Thermal Technology in Santa Rosa, California will be the new production sites for various metal powders to be used in highly demanding industries like additive manufacturing. Both production sites include an innovative “next generation” plant newly developed by INTECO, enabling new possibilities in terms of powder production compared to the existing technology available on the market. This combined capacity will be unique. The plants will ensure the constant availability of backup; a shared and qualified sourcing point; advanced technologies for process and product control; reduced batch sizes to guarantee process stability and accordingly constant powder quality and predictable properties of AM parts; capacity to develop tailored alloys and supply different batch sizes offering a complete flexibility to customers. Highest quality, customized and newly developed are the key characteristics of the powder to be produced in the two facilities. Besides the production of already established powder grades, the main focus will be on highly specialized powders, especially customized and developed for the market demands and in close cooperation with the customer. “ Dr. Jacopo Guzzoni, VP & CEO FOMAS Group said:” This agreement will be instrumental in entering the Additive Manufacturing Markets. It will exploit synergies between our two companies and bring on the market a worldwide offer, it will be a structured process, powered by the achievements shared between us. We are pleased to join forces with INTECO Group (to us a very valuable and reliable partner since 2007) in our mutual vision to develop a new
market”. Dr. Harald Holzgruber, Managing Director INTECO Group said:” This cooperation will set new standards on the metal powder market by elevating quality and the degree of customization available. Our combined strengths of innovative plant technology and profound knowledge in metallurgical processing will step by step lead us to success.”” MIMETE is the brand name under which FOMAS will be hitting the powder market in 2018.The cooperation between FOMAS & INTECO-two Groups with a long tradition in the steel industry and with a strive for innovation & progress- has been now elevated to a new level. Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. A process through which companies re-think and digitize their production processes with the aim of obtaining an entirely automated and interconnected industrial production. As part of Industry 4.0, digital modelling and fabrication is a process that joins design with production, through the use of 3D modelling software or computer-aided design (CAD) and additive and subtractive manufacturing processes. 3D printing falls under additive, while machining falls under subtractive. Since 1985, the use of materials for 3D printing has been in an ever-growing trend. Lately the focus has been on developing capabilities to process newer materials, such as Metals, able to withstand tough conditions. A market set to grow, and with INTECO’s cutting-edge technology in the production of equipment to the steel industry and FOMAS Group’s depth knowledge of metals, the performance is guaranteed. This business agreement will have the advantages of large scale, an established supply chain, good logistics and the use of proven technologies.

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