Danieli supplied a 9,000 tons open-die forging press to North American Forgemasters (US)

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The largest and most modern of its kind in North America, this 90MN (10,120-ton) four-columns push-down hydraulic-driven Danieli Breda press is served by a 200-mt railbound manipulator, a 100-mt mobile manipulator and a 190-mt overhead crane. NAF, which is the only manufacturer of open-die forgings fully integrated from steelmaking through finish machining in the Western Hemisphere, selected Danieli Breda among other competitors for its state-of-the-art technology and for the level of customization ensured by Danieli engineering team. Construction of the new complex began in June 2014 with the demolition of the two existing bays to make room for the larger, 90-MN bay. The project concluded in December 2015 with production of the first forged part.

The 90-MN open-die forging press is the core of the forging plant and is the fastest acting and most reliable in the U.S.

A remarkable, one-of-its-kind machine indicates remarkable numbers, too: 2,800 mt of total weight; 150 mt maximum forgeable ingot; 3.1m of stroke; 6.0m of daylight, and a clearance of 5.0m between columns are the results of a new, complex and tailored design.

Equipped with 15 pumps, the hydraulic circuit provides up to 374 bar of oil pressure during the cogging phase and 475 bar during upsetting.

Since commissioning, the forging press has successfully produced large forged parts for power generation, oil and gas, nuclear, maritime, and tool-and-die steel industries.

The NAF 90-MN forging press represents another success achieved by the Danieli Breda team in a challenging market, bringing Danieli Breda references one more step ahead in the constant pursuit of excellence.

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