Russia will not ban titanium exports to US

Russia’s trade and industry minister said Moscow would not ban titanium exports to the US, a step that was proposed by lawmakers as possible retaliation against tough US sanctions imposed earlier this month. Denis Manturov said in a state television interview that such a ban would mean following Ukraine, which had barred exports of gas turbines used by Russian shipbuilders as part of anti-Russian sanctions. “We assume that we will not follow [their course] because that would first of all affect shipments of VSMPO-Avisma and of its Russian-American joint-venture,” he said. “Why take decisions that have an adverse impact on our enterprises, on our producers.” VSMPO-Avisma, a subsidiary of state-owned defence group Rosted, holds the the country’s monopoly on titanium. It exports 70 per cent Read more

Voestalpine would reconsider its investments in the United States (US)

Austrian steel firm Voestalpine said on Friday it would reconsider its investments in the United States in light of President Donald Trump imposing tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.

 “Despite the limited impact of the punitive tariffs on our group, the current actions of the US administration have led us to critically examine whether all our plans for further investments in North America are economically and politically sensible,”

Voestalpine chief executive Wolfgang Eder

“The United States remains attractive but it could be that there is a certain pause in our investment activity until theRead more

US Administration Considering Imposing tariffs or Quotas on imports of aluminum and steel to Preserve National Security (US)

The U.S. Commerce Department revealed its recommendations that the U.S. impose tariffs or quotas on imports of aluminum and steel, in the strongest indication yet the administration intends to see protectionist agenda through. The department “found that the quantities and circumstances of steel and aluminum imports threaten to impair the national security,” Secretary Wilbur Ross said Friday. An increase in tariffs could affect consumer prices of everything from beer cans to cars. The recommendations were sent last month to President Donald Trump, whoRead more

India Foundry Sector in a Spot Over Entry of Electric Vehicles (US)

India’s Kolhapur foundry industry is estimated to manufacture seven lakh tonnes of forgings, accounting for about 8 per cent of the country’s production capacity   

EVs need fewer body parts than fuel-based vehicles

MUMBAI, FEBRUARY 8 – As the country is preparing for an automobile revolution with electric vehicles (EVs), the foundry industry is bracing for a disruptive change in business. It fears that the demand for auto components will dry up as EVs use far fewer moving parts in the vehicle body. In Kolhapur and Sangli in western Maharashtra, a hub

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United States produced 90.1 million tons of steel in 2017 (US)

A bar of steel makes its way through the 80″ hot strip mill at AcerlorMittal Indiana Harbor on its way to becoming a coil of steel. The United States produced 90.1 million tons of steel in 2017, a 4.3 percent increase over the output from 2016. (Credit photo @  Viktor Mácha /

The United States produced about 90.1 million tons of steel in 2017, a 4.3 percent increase over the previous year. reat Lakes steel production, however, plunged to 594,000 tons of steel in the last full week of the year that ended Dec. 30, closing the door on 2017 with a steep drop of 7 percent. Steel Read more

China to ‘strictly’ ban any new steelmaking capacity in 2018 (US)

BEIJING, Jan 4 (Reuters) – China will continue to “unswervingly” cut existing steel capacity and “strictly” ban the launch any new steelmaking facilities in 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said in a statement late on Wednesday. “We will strictlycapacity  forbid any new steel capacity to be launched…and make sure all outdated steel is eliminated and

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Electric cars prompt consultants CRU to explore cobalt sulphate (US)

LONDON (Reuters) – Metals consultancy CRU Group wants to create a price mechanism for cobalt sulphate, in response to increasing demand for the compound used in making rechargeable batteries that power electric cars. Prices for cobalt sulphate are often based on those for refined metal published by Metal Bulletin. The London Metal Exchange’s cobalt contract is also for refined metal. But demand for cobalt sulphate is expected to outpace that Read more

Shortage of “indispensable” graphite electrodes threatens to strangle EU steel production (US)

Brussels, 18 September 2017 – Tight supply conditions for carbon graphite electrodes are threatening to stall EU steel production. These graphite rods are indispensable in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) ‘secondary’ steelmaking and in the Ladle Furnace (LF) metallurgy stages of both the EAF and ‘primary’ Blast Furnace-Basic Oxygen Furnace (BF-BOF) production routes.

Graphite electrodes are made from high quality needle coke. Needle coke is a premium grade, high value petroleum coke, which has been seeing shortages and sharply higher prices in recent months”, said Axel Eggert, Director General of the European Steel Association (EUROFER). “This global shortage has been caused by the idling of global Read more

Timet asks US Gov to Investigate Titanium Imports from Japan and Kazakhstan (US)

The U.S. International Trade Commission opened an investigation into titanium sponge from Japan and Kazakhstan on Friday after Titanium Metals Corp. argued unfair trade practices threatened the lone remaining U.S. producer of the valuable metal’s initial processed form. Titanium Metals, or Timet, asked the U.S. government to impose anti-dumping duties of 31 to 69 percent on various producers in Japan and 33 percent on Kazakhstan’s lone producer, Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant JSC. It also wants a countervailing duty on UKTMP over alleged government subsidies.

Timet says its lone domestic competitor, Allegheny Technologies Inc., stopped producing sponge in August 2016 under the same pressures it hopes new duties will address.

“Timet is the last operating producer of subject titanium sponge in the United States,” the company said in its petition. “Timet’s efforts to sell titanium sponge domestically have been universally rebuffed due to the availability of unfairly priced titanium sponge from Japan and Kazakhstan.”

The U.S. revoked an anti-dumping order on titanium sponge from Japan and the former Soviet states of Kazakhstan, Read more

India Govt approves New Steel Policy, local products get priority (US)

New Delhi, May 3 (PTI) A new policy that aims to achieve steel making capacity of 300 million tonnes by 2030 with an additional investment of Rs 10 lakh crore got the Cabinet green light today. The Cabinet also approved a policy for use of domestic steel products in government organisations. “The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given its approval to the National Steel Policy (NSP) 2017,” the steel ministry said in a statement. “The Cabinet… has approved the policy for providing preference to domestically manufactured iron and steel products on government procurement,” the ministry said in another statement. The policy makes it mandatory to give preference to domestically manufactured iron and steel products (DMI&SP) in government procurement. The policy is Read more

Braidy Industries Inc. to Invest $1.3 billion to Build Auto Body Sheet and Aerospace Plate Aluminum Rolling Mill in the United States (US)

The mill will open with capacity of 370,000 tons per annum, producing series 5000, 6000, and 7000 aluminum sheet and plate products. Braidy is also exploring new scientific nano-crystaline technical advances capable of improving molten metal-based manufacturing.

Wurtland, KY – April 26, 2017 — The transformation in material sciences and advanced manufacturing was evidenced today during a joint announcement by Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and Craig Bouchard, Chairman and CEO of Braidy Industries, Inc. (“Braidy”).  The Governor and Mr. Bouchard announced that Braidy, in partnership with the State of Kentucky and the Ashland Alliance, will construct the Read more

President Donald Trump ordered to investigate whether steel imports harm the defense of the United States (US)

President Donald Trump hands United Steelworkers International President Leo W. Gerard the pen he used to sign an executive memorandum on investigation of steel imports. (Credit Photo @ Susan Walsh, Associated Press)

“Steel is critical to both our economy and our military,”

Donald Trump, USA President

“Arcelor-Mittal USA is a proud supplier of American-made steel for defense applications, from nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers to missiles and tanks.”

John Brett, president and CEO of ArcelorMittal USA

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump today ordered the Commerce Department to investigate whether steel imports harm the defense of the United States, moving the ongoing complaints from the steel industry to a new plane — one that could lead to new sanctions and trade actions between this country and its steelmaking Read more

L’Observatoire de la métallurgie publie une analyse prospective sur le domaine de l’élaboration et la transformation des métaux (FR)

Le secteur de la métallurgie connait des mutations technologiques. Ses besoins en compétences vont donc évoluer. L’Observatoire de la métallurgie publie une analyse prospective sur le domaine de l’élaboration et la transformation des métaux. Des recrutements seront nécessaires à tous les niveaux de qualification et dans de nombreuses spécialités telles que le traitement de surface et la fonderie.

Tous secteurs confondus, 17 métiers sont d’ores et déjà considérés « en tension », à l’exemple de la production et la maintenance. Seulement 335 jeunes diplômés entrent sur le marché du travail chaque année dans les domaines de Read more

Keystone XL pipeline won’t buy US steel, despite Trump’s order (US)

Keystone builder TransCanada will be allowed to skirt an executive order calling for US steel to be used in new pipelines, repairs, or retrofits. Does the move herald a broader evolution for Trump’s ‘America First’ stance?

From the start of President Trump’s election campaign, two aspects of his political identity – the businessman and the populist – have dueled for dominance. At least in the case of the Keystone XL pipeline, the businessman appears to be winning out. Speaking to reporters onboard Air Force One on Friday, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that the pipeline,

“The value of a pipeline is that we have a pipeline that can be used. Which steel it is made from is an entirely subsidiary question,  and if American steel is best to use then use that, if not American is better then use that instead. What we want is the pipeline that can be used at the least overall cost ”

Tim Worstall, Senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute.

which has been in the works for a decade, will be exempt from an executive order Mr. Trump signed in January requiring new pipelines, repairs, or retrofits to use US steel “to the maximum extent possible.” The justification for that decision: The pipeline is already under Read more

Boeing to buy $18 billion of titanium from Russia in the next 10 years (Russian)

В следующем десятилетии сумма закупок авиастроительного концерна Boeing изделий из российского титана достигнет 18 млрд долларов, заявил в интервью «Ведомостям» президент Boeing в России и СНГ Сергей Кравченко, сообщает Ростех.   На сегодняшний день Boeing получает около 35% титана для гражданских самолетов от корпорации ВСМПО-АВИСМА. Это Read more

Vietnam launches Foreign consultancy to evaluate steel sector master plan by 2025 and its vision by 2035 (US)

The master plan of steel production will focus on sustainability and the use of advanced technology to save natural resources, energy and protect the environment.

HÀ NỘI — The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) will hire a foreign consultancy firm to evaluate its draft master plan for steel production by 2025 and its vision till 2035. The firm, which will have operations in Việt Nam, will be in charge of ascertaining the trends in steel industry development across the world and the region; assessing the domestic steel sector’s competitive ability in comparison with theRead more

Italian Steel industry Profits dropped by 95 % (US)

IMPORTS OF STEEL IN ITALY  period from January to May 2016. In thousands of tons, and var. % On the same period of 2015. (Source: Federacciai; Platts  (Credit Photo @ ilsole24ore)

The negative cycle of the Italian steel industry continues amid falling revenues, with earnings dropping on average by 95%.  One year after celebrating, after years of losses, the return to profitability (€150 million in 2014), the Italian steel sector has come to a halt, according to Read more

Bruck Declared Insolvency (German)


Der Ensheimer Metallteile-Spezialist Brück muss saniert werden. Dafür wird der St. Ingberter Anwalt Franz J. Abel zuständig sein. Er sieht dafür gute Chancen. Allerdings sollen 150 Jobs abgebaut werden. Über zwei Unternehmen der Ensheimer Firmengruppe Brück hat dasRead more

European Commission eliminates the option to impose anti-dumping sanctions on Tiongang International (US)


In a preliminary ruling made by the European Commission earlier this month, anti-dumping duties will be imposed on imports of hot-rolled steel from China for six months, with the exclusion of tool steel and high-speed steel products.

The Chinese government will continue to support domestic companies to positively respond to anti-dumping investigations overseas and defend themselves, Shen Danyang, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman, said at a regular press conference on Tuesday. The European  Commission (EC) called for an anti-dumping probe into steel products such as hot-rolled flats at the beginning of this year, according to aRead more

Loi Travail : la métallurgie va expérimenter une modulation du temps de travail sur trois ans (Fr)


La métallurgie est la première grande branche à mettre en oeuvre cette disposition de la loi El Khomri.

La métallurgie n’a pas attendu longtemps pour mettre en application une disposition de la Loi Travail, votée en juillet dernier. L’Union des industries et des métiers de la métallurgie (UIMM), l’organisme patronal du secteur, a proposé un accord sur l’emploi qui permettra notamment d’organiser le temps de travail sur une période pouvant aller jusqu’à trois ans, comme prévu par la loi Travail. Cet accord a reçu l’aval d’une majorité de syndicats de laRead more

EBRD gives €25 million Universal Alloy Corporation to boost Romania’s aerospace industry (US)


€25 million to aircraft parts supplier Universal Alloy Corporation Europe

In a new boost to Romania’s aerospace industry, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing a €25 million loan to Universal Alloy Corporation Europe (UACE), which manufactures aluminium parts for aircraft. ounded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the Swiss-Austrian Montana Tech Components group, UACE supplies components to leading aircraft manufacturers such as Read more

Boltex Manufacturing Co stands up for fair trade from India, Italy and Spain (US)


Boltex, a family-owned company, makes finished flanges for the oil and gas, petrochemical, engineering and construction industries. Boltex Manufacturing Co  President Frank Bernobich poses for a portrait in front of bins of flange forgings at one of the company’s manufacturing facilities Aug. 16, 2016, in Houston. (Credit Photo @  James Nielsen – Houston Chronicle)

Frank Bernobich didn’t wait for politicians to renegotiate global trade to stop foreign competitors from illegally dumping products in the United States. He fought back under the existing the rules and won. The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled Friday that Houston-based Boltex Manufacturing Co. was suffering from unfair competition from factories in India, Italy and Spain in the finished carbon-steel flange business. The Department of Commerce will now determine the appropriate punitive tariff, which could range from 13 to 205Read more

Romania’s Alro to provide aluminum to Airbus starting 2017 (US)


Airbus will use aluminum provided by Romanian company Alro to manufacture its aircraft starting 2017. Alro, a subsidiary of international group Vimetco, announced on Friday that it had been selected as an aluminum provider by Airbus. The agreement is valid for several years and will start next year. “We are looking forward to starting this partnership with Airbus and supplying best quality aluminum plates for the

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VSMPO supplies Boeing and Airbus despite sanctions (Russian)



YEKATERINBURG, July 27. /TASS/. VSMPO-Avisma corporation continues supplying components to Boeing and Airbus despite sanctions, the company’s Director General Mikhail Voevodin told TASS Monday. “Boeing and Airbus are the key consumers of titan in global aircraft industry. Sanctions did not affect the production process either from the view point of supplies of raw materials or from theRead more

Big Data for Big Metallurgy (Fr)

Big Data for Big Metallurgy (Fr)

Ghislaine Doukhan, directrice de Safran Analytics (Credit Photo @ Stéphanie Jayet)

Le Big Data est en train de révolutionner l’industrie francaise en général et l’industrie de la métallurgie en particulier,  à l’instar de  Safran Analytics la nouvelle entité crée en 2015 pour accompagner la révolution  du Big Data chez Safran. Vice-présidente de Safran Analytics Ghislaine DOUKHAN,  élue femme de l’industrie en 2015 est à la tête de 60 “Data Scienticts”  qui allient au quotidien: algorithmesRead more

POSCO CEO warns of trade protectionism trends (US)


South Korea’s largest steelmaker POSCO’s chairman Kwon Oh-joon called on employees to stay wary of trade protectionism trends that are being increasingly promoted by advanced nations amid deteriorating global economic cr exports,” Kwon said in a recent email he sent to POSCO workers, industry watchers said on June 24.  In May, the US Commerce Department issued a final announcement outlining 265.79 Read more

Events that transformed the aluminium market (US)


Jean Marchand was born and brought up in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. He joined Alcan through Montreal’s Concordia University campus placement in 1981 as an accounting analyst. Following Rio Tinto’s acquisition of Alcan, Marchand was appointed director, global remelt ingot sales, marketing and price risk management at the Rio Tinto Aluminium product group.  He retired from Rio Tinto on December 31, 2015. (Credit Photo @ Metalbulletin)

 Aluminium industry veteran Jean Marchand has witnessed major game changers in his career, from the launch of the London Metal Exchange contract, the collapse of the former USSR, premium volatility and financing games, to the change in the market structure and consolidation. “If anyone tells me aluminium is a boring industry, I would love to debate that point with them,” Marchand, who recently retired from Rio Tinto as director of global remelt ingot management, sales and marketing aluminium, said. Marchand, who was recruited

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Trump : “When I’m president, guess what, steel is coming back to Pittsburgh,” (US)

Trump pensylvania

Donald Trump delivers remarks at a rally in Pittsburgh on April 13. (Credit Photo @ AP Photo )

PITTSBURGH — Donald Trump vowed to bring back Pittsburgh’s once-thriving steel and coal industries at a rally here on Wednesday night. Trump, whose campaign is premised on the idea of restoring the country to a lost greatness closely associated with a mid-20th century industrial economy that supported a large middle class, has been making locally tailored economic pitches as he’s campaignedRead more

Commodity Vs Speciality : the European Steelmaking Dilemma

Save our steel

“Every steel company, particularly the major companies, they’re looking at value addition, meaning high-end value-added steel products ….I don’t think anybody can do more than 30 percent, 35 percent so the balance 65 percent remains commodity grade steel.”

Seshagiri Rao, -Director -JSW Steel Ltd (India)

“Sticking to technological and quality leadership will be the only solution for European steel producers to secure profitability and future growth,”

Wolfgang Eder- Voestalpine – CEO

“If China takes the ‘commodity’ end of the market — and it’s not as if they are only focusing on that — then it takes with it the specialty segment, because it is impossible to sustainably operate on high-grade or specialty alone”.

Charles de Lusignan. – Eurofer spokesman

“An integrated steel plant only makes sense at a scale of at least 3 million tonnes, and must be used to full capacity to be cost-effective”.

Heinz Joerg Fuhrmann- Salzgitter – CEO

The companies that survive, especially in high-cost countries, will have to find creative ways to develop closer relationships with their customers. They can do this even when the steel they produce is commodity grade

Charles de Lusignan. – Eurofer spokesman

“Profitability is all about value creation for your customers. Commodity producers can for example excel in services provided to their customers: short delivery times, small order quantities, 24-7 order intakes, client-specific product dimensions, etc.”

Jeremy Platt, – analyst at UK-based consultancy MEPS

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Iran Considering Investing in Giant Titanium Reserves (US)


Iran possesses 7% of the world’s total mineral reserves worth about $700 billion but this figure could rise to $1.4 trillion with new discoveries, officials say. On photo, a titanium crystal bar, high purity 99,995 %, made by the iodide process at URALREDMET in the Soviet era. Weight ≈283 g, ≈5.5 ” long, ≈1 ” diameter (Credit Photo @ Alchemist-hp)

Iran needs more than $4.2 billion of investment over the next five years to bring a massive titanium mine in the country’s southeast fully online, an official says. The deposits in Fanuj can yield 30 million tonnes of titanium ore a
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