CINDAS: the company that compiles valuable data on materials properties, aerospace structural metals (US)

CINDAS LLC, a private company that compiles data on materials properties and aerospace structural metals, has moved into the Purdue Technology Center Aerospace building. The company, which privatized in 2003, compiles data essential to engineers and scientists worldwide. (Purdue Research Foundation image/Oren Darling

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — CINDAS LLC, a private company that compiles data on materials properties and aerospace structural metals that are essential to engineers and scientists worldwide, has moved into the university’s aerospace district. Frank Mason and his wife, Patricia, who privatized the business in 2003, have moved CINDAS LLC into the Purdue Technology Center Aerospace building. The Masons say the move is the latest sign of the company’s growth. “This little company has become more than just a little company,” said Continue reading

Saarland’s Steel Industry is Taking a Stake in the Cybersecurity Rhebo Solution (US)

Rhebo Industrial Protector ensures seamless monitoring of all communication flows in machine-to-machine communications in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments. All data traffic is analyzed at the content and metadata levels. Undesired changes due to hacker attacks, unauthorized access or network errors, for example, are reported in real time and risks that arise in the context of Industry 4.0 are counteracted.

Along with other prominent investors, SHS Ventures, a venture capital company, has acquired a stake in Rhebo GmbH, a Leipzig-based high-tech company, on behalf of the Saarland’s steel industry.

Rhebo safeguards all control networks of industrial facilities against disruption to operations and cyber attacks. By indicating any unauthorized access or even sabotage, Rhebo significantly improves security and optimizes facility availability by continuously monitoring in real time. Rhebo is listed by Gartner, the global leader in IT market research, as the only German manufacturer of anomaly detection

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Sidenor Makes its Digital Transformation Thanks to Open Innovation (US)

  • Any entrepreneur, startup, SME, university or technological centre with a solution that makes it possible to improve the company’s productive process can participate in the challenge
  • The winner will create a real pilot test of the winning project funded by Sidenor and earn the opportunity to win a €15,000 prize and access to support from the Biscayan Provincial Council, provided the relevant conditions are met

The technological challenge set by Sidenor through Bizkaia Open Future_ is to optimise its productive processes by implementing new technologies, on its path to digital transformation. Sidenor, a leading European steel company, has adopted the initiative promoted by the Biscayan Provincial Council and Telefónica to seek inside its ecosystem of entrepreneurship, startups, SMEs, universities and technological centres a solution based on new technologies that will optimise its production process. The winners of this challenge, set through the global Telefónica Open Future_ platform, will be able to carry out real pilot testing – funded by Sidenor – of the winningContinue reading