Le fournisseur aéronautique marocain “TDM Aerospace” officialise son premier contrat avec Boeing (FR)

TDM Aerospace, premier fournisseur aéronautique à capitaux marocains, vient d’officialiser son premier contrat avec Boeing, indique lundi le ministère de l’Industrie, de l’investissement, du commerce et de l’économie numérique.

A travers la signature de ce premier accord de long terme avec Boeing portant sur la production, à Casablanca, de tubes et de canalisations en titane pour le Boeing 787 Dreamliner, le fabricant de tubes et de canalisations aéronautiques “se présente en porte-étendard de l’écosystème Boeing au Maroc”, se félicite le ministère dans un communiqué .  TDM Aerospace a vu le jour dans le sillage de l’écosystèmeContinue reading

Nanshan Aluminum and Rolls-Royce sign contract agreement (US)

In October 27th, Nanshan aluminum forging company with the British Rolls Royce company (Rolls-Royce) engine rotating parts supply contract signing ceremony was held in the Nanshan aviation technology center park. Rolls Royce Asia Pacific Supplier Management Executive James Lloyd, Rolls Royce Chinese supplier management executive official Hong Xiang, Lolo Chinese District rotary parts supplier management business manager Wu Tan, Cheng Rence, chairman of Nanshan, Nanshan aluminum board, deputy general manager and general manager LuContinue reading

ATI and Tsingshan to Form Stainless Steel Joint Venture (US)

ATI and Tsingshan to Form Innovative Stainless Steel Joint Venture

  • Two Global Innovators to Form Joint Venture
  • Tsingshan’s Vertical Integration Provides Reduced Raw Materials Cost Volatility
  • Conversion Agreement Expected to Significantly Increase ATI’s HRPF Utilization
  • JV’s DRAP Finishing Facility to Restart; Adds 100 Jobs
  • JV Provides a Highly Competitive and Uniquely Differentiated Offering
  • Another Action to Position ATI’s FRP Business for Sustainable Profitability

November 02, 2017  – PITTSBURGH—Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: ATI) today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to form an innovative 50-50 joint venture (JV) with an affiliate company of Tsingshan Group (Tsingshan). Tsingshan is vertically integrated and is the world’s largest stainless steel producer. Formation of the JV is subject to customary regulatory and anti-trust clearances, which are expected by the Continue reading