3D Printing Rockets in 60 Days to be ready by 2021 (US)

The first commercial launch of an entirely 3D printed rocket, including primary structures and all major components, is slated to happen in 2021. This is the ambitious plan of one of the most exciting new companies in the sector — Relativity Space, which aims to build a rocket from raw materials to flight within 60 days. Via Satellite recently caught up with Relativity Space Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tim Ellis to talk about the launch service provider’s plans to make a difference in this space, as well as plans to develop an interplanetary society on Mars. Relativity is planning its first orbital test launch by the end of 2020. It will then build a commercial payload manifest Continue reading

FAA prepares guidance for wave of 3D-printed aerospace parts (US)

Brian O’Connor, vice president of production operations for Lockheed Martin Space Systems, explaining how the company wants to use new manufacturing techniques including 3D printing and robotics to halve the time needed to build a satellite. (Credit  photo@SpaceNews)

LOS ANGELES — The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is drafting a comprehensive plan for grappling with the aerospace industry’s rapid adoption of additive manufacturing. “Three to four years ago, none of my peers believed we would see additive manufacturing of safety-critical parts,” Michael Gorelik, Federal AviationAdministration chief scientific and technical adviser for fatigue and damage tolerance, said Oct. 19 at the Additive Aerospace conferenceContinue reading

Timet asks US Gov to Investigate Titanium Imports from Japan and Kazakhstan (US)

The U.S. International Trade Commission opened an investigation into titanium sponge from Japan and Kazakhstan on Friday after Titanium Metals Corp. argued unfair trade practices threatened the lone remaining U.S. producer of the valuable metal’s initial processed form. Titanium Metals, or Timet, asked the U.S. government to impose anti-dumping duties of 31 to 69 percent on various producers in Japan and 33 percent on Kazakhstan’s lone producer, Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium Magnesium Plant JSC. It also wants a countervailing duty on UKTMP over allegedContinue reading