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Specialty-steel producer Böhler Edelstahl GmmH & Co KG is going to put 1,700 employees into part-time work as of this coming Monday. Firm manager Johann Weigand said today (Thurs) after meeting with employees that 1,263 workers and 436 management employees would begin six months of part-time work on Monday. Weigand said the reason was a drastic decline in orders in all sectors since summer 2008. The firm, which became independent of Böhler Uddeholm AG in 1991, is one of the world’s best-known producers of a number of specialty steel products.Böhler Edelstahl had turnover of 737.2 million Euros and produced 162,444 tonnes of steel products in 2007.

The firm joins a long list of Austrian businesses coping with the effects of the recession by putting employees into part-time work rather than laying them off.

The General Motors (GM) “Powertrain” plant in Vienna-Aspern has put 1,540 of its 1,850 workers into part-time work. It said they will remain in that status until 8 May.

The GM plant began occasional one-day production stops last October and laid off 150 temporary workers at the end of November. The plant claimed at the time that it would be able to avoid putting any workers into part-time work.

Miba AG is going to put 320 employees or a quarter of the total number at its plant in Vorchdorf, Upper Austria into part-time work.

The 320 employees will spend four weeks in part-time work, during which they will work 25 per cent fewer hours and receive 90 per cent of their former wages.

Styrian firm Boxmark World Leather has put 750 employees at its headquarters in Feldbach into part-time work amid falling orders.

The firm had put 300 workers at its facility in Jennersdorf, Burgenland into part-time work last December and now plans to extend that by three months.

Another Styrian leather producer, Wollsdorf Leder, has announced almost all its employees have been put into part-time work and closed its plant at Wilhelmsburg, Lower Austria.

Car industry supplier Hirschmann based in Rankweil, Vorarlberg will put 160 workers into part-time work on 1 March.

Bernhard Heinzle from the private employees union said the firm’s production would be reduced by 20 to 40 per cent, employees’ wages by 10 per cent, after 1 March. He added the part-time work would last for three months.

Austrian Times

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