Baosteel Develops the New Generation Martensitic Stainless Steel for Cutting Tools

Baosteel successfully develops a Nitrogen controlled high strength martensitic stainless steel with excellent hardness and corrosion resistance for cutting tools, which is much favored by the customers after being put on the market. Now the three major domestic cutting tool manufacturing and marketing distribution places. Yangjiang Guangdong, Yongkang Zhejiang and Dazu Chongqing have all adopted this product, and the monthly orders maintain above 800t.Hardness and corrosion resistance are the important indicators to evaluate the quality of cutting tools. But during the manufacturing process of stainless steel material, since hardness and corrosion resistance, as one rises, the other falls, it is a commonly recognized technological difficulty in the stainless steel industry. It also determines the current status that, although China is a large cutting tool manufacturing country, and most of the cutting tools are exported, however, the quality of the cutting tool manufactured is not high. Chinese cutting tool manufacturers urgently wish the contradiction that hardness and corrosion resistance can not be improved at the same time can be solved.This year, in view of this market demand, Stainless Steel Business Unit and Research Institute Stainless Steel Technology Center collaborated closely to optimize the alloy composition and production process of the stainless steel for cutting tools. After hard work, part of the technological difficulty in metallurgical process is finally broken through, so that stainless steel for cutting tools can possess good corrosion resistance while acquiring high hardness after heat treatment. Since the product was put on the market, it has been adopted by many renowned domestic cutting tool manufacturers and extensively applied in the manufacture of high end table knife, military knife, blender blade of soybean milk maker, and razor blade, etc.Now Baosteel has applied for series state patents for this product, and obtained the ascertainment of hi-tech achievement of Shanghai Municipality.


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