2 députés du congrès américains appellent au renforcement de la puissance des USA dans les aciers spéciaux, le titane et les terres rares (US)

L’actuel député démocrate de l’Ohio John Boccieri (à gauche) et son prédécesseur républicain Ralph Regula plaident pour un renforcement de l’industrie américaine des aciers spéciaux, du titane, du béryllium et des terres rares et estiment que pour ces derniers les USA sont trop dépendantes de la Chine,

A Democrat, and his predecessor, Ralph Regula, a Republican, last week stressed their commitment to the mission of the Defense Metals Technology Center (DMTC) in strengthening America’s national defense.Boccieri and Regula made their comments at the DMTC’s second annual Strategic Materials Conference at the InterContinental Hotel before some 100 military, government, and business leaders from across the country.The Conference focused on America’s policy relative to the importance of metal components required in the defense of the nation, including the rare earth elements titanium and beryllium. Boccieri also a major in the U.S. Air Force was elected in 2008, succeeding the retiring Regula.   “Channeling resources into the DMTC makes us safer and diminishes the threat to our national security,” said Boccieri, in emphasizing his backing of the stewardship of the DMTC.The DMTC was established in 2007 through the efforts of Regula, who expressed his continuing support for a national policy on strategic materials.Regula compared Ohio and surrounding states that form America’s Metals Heartland to the Ruhr Valley of mid 20th century.  “By strengthening military use of specialty metals, such as titanium, the metal of the future, we strengthen our regional economy,” he said.The Defense Metals Technology Center a U.S. Army Center of Excellence – is based on the campus of Stark State College in North Canton, Ohio.  The DMTC is charged with coordinating academic, government, and industrial entities involved with highly specialized strategic materials.Two related Centers of Excellence – the National Center for Defense Machining and Manufacturing of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and DSN Innovations of Pittsburgh – co-sponsored the Conference.Stephen L. Luckowski, chief, Materials Manufacturing and Prototype Technology Division, U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey spoke on the need to develop a national policy on the use of rare earth metals in military applications.Michael D. Anderson, president of Brush Wellman, Inc., Mayfield Heights, Ohio, spoke on defense and commercial applications for beryllium.  Panels also addressed questions of stockpiling strategic metals and competing with China for rare earth elements.Prior to the Conference, attendees toured the modern, fully integrated Cleveland steel mill of ArcelorMittal, one of the busiest and most productive plants of its kind in the world.”With China and other countries attempting to control natural resources, the Conference was timely in articulating the deep interest in assuring our domestic rare earth supply chain is protected,” says Charles Clark, executive director of the DMTC.

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