Chevrolet supplied million tons of forgings & castings during the World War II (US)



Between 1942 and 1945, Chevrolet manufactured 60,000 Pratt & Whitney bomber and cargo plane engines, 3,000 90 mm cannon barrels, 500,000 trucks, 8 million artillery shells, 1 million tons of aluminum forgings, 1 million tons Read more

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New Metal Foam Armor Can Disintegrate Bullets (US)

Foam bullet protection

Metal foams are strong enough to stop armor-piercing bullets, while being light, flame- and heat-resistant, and they can block many forms of radiation. So what will they be used to manufacture? (Credit Photo @ Afsaneh Rabiei | North Carolina State University)

A new metal foam able to stop a speeding bullet is the latest in a new generation of materials with a myriad of different potential uses. When impacted by a bullet, even a fast-moving projectile shatters into a cloud of dust. The new substance is also significantly lighter than armor plating, making it a perfect material for armor-plating vehiclesRead more

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Midas to diversify into aviation, aerospace sectors (US)


Mr Chew said that ultimately, “we want to build Midas into a multi-faceted company, with around 30 per cent of revenue coming from non-China projects”. (Credit Photo @ CHEW SENG KIM)

Midas Holdings is eyeing expansion into new business segments and geographical markets while continuing to strengthen its position in China’s rail transport sector. The mainboard-listed firm, which mainly provides aluminium alloy products to train manufacturers, will be able to diversify into the aviation and aerospace industries following the acquisition of Huicheng Capital, chief executive Patrick Chew said. The $264 million deal, announced in Read more

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ABS Approves First Subsea’s Large Scale Steel Forgings (US)

First subsea

First Subsea gets ABS 2009 Approval for larger R4 steel forgings up to 562mm diameter. (Photo: First Subsea)

Subsea mooring specialist, First Subsea, has achieved American Bureau of Shipping ABS 2009 Approval for its larger R4 steel forgings up to 562mm diameter. These are the largest diameter forgings to have received the approval, and set the benchmark for Offshore Mooring Accessories with forged bars to the requirements of ‘ABS Guide for Offshore Mooring Chain (2009)’, section 1.9 Special Subsea Mooring Connectors.
The ABS 2009 Certification of Offshore Mooring Chain (updated 2014) specifies the requirements for materials, design, manufacture, and testing of offshore mooring chain and accessories, including special subsea mooring

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Alloy Wire International hails best ever ‘Wire 2016’ with hundreds of new enquiries (US)

Alloys wire

BOSSES of one of a Brierley Hill manufacturer of round, flat, shaped profile and electrical resistance wire have hailed ‘Wire Dusseldorf 2016’ the best yet. Alloy Wire International saw more than 250 serious enquiries during the five-day show, with interest for its extending range of Exotic Nickel alloys coming from all corners of the globe, including Australia, Japan, the US and Europe. They came from customers in the automotive, aerospace, defence,Read more

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Eugène Schneider : le maître de forge en majesté (Fr)

Eugene Schneider

Eugène Schneider est un bel exemple de la supériorité de l’initiative individuelle sur les meilleures intentions du monde étatique.

Ses ouvriers l’avaient surnommé « le grand rouge » en raison de sa chevelure flamboyante. Eugène Schneider (Bidestroff, Meurthe-et-Moselle, 30 mars 1805 – Paris, 27 novembre 1875), fondateur d’une prestigieuse dynastie, a été l’incarnation du maître de forges de la Révolution industrielle. Il a réussi à donner vie à un établissement créé sous l’Ancien Régime mais qui n’avait jamais réussi à fonctionner correctement : exemple de la supériorité de l’initiative individuelle sur les meilleures intentions du monde étatique. Le nom des Schneider s’est ainsi identifié pendant quatre générations à la petite ville du Creusot, insignifiante bourgade du sud de la Bourgogne dont le nom vaRead more

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Game of Thrones Promotes the Valyrian Steels (US)

Winter is coming game of throne

Ice : the Sword of Eddard Stark (Credit Photo @ HBO)


This night, HBO TV network will  launch the all new season 6 of Game of Thrones . The best Tv show ever made, Game of thrones popularized the forging steels mainly the forging sword . Valyrian steel is a damsacus   forged steel   in the days of the mighty Valyrian Freehold. It is exceptionally sharp and tremendously strong, yet light, keeping its edge forever without the need for sharpening. Here under the  3 famous  forging  Valyring  forging Steels in the Game of the Thrones  Tv Show ; 
Read more

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Sanyo Special Steels Opens a new $55 million Facility in Mexico (Spanish)

Sanyo Special Steels

Guanajuato, Guanajuato, abril 7.- La consolidación del clúster automotriz en Guanajuato sigue; ahora los 46 municipios están preparados para recibir, atender y aprovechar la llegada de empresas del ramo para ofrecer su capital humano, dijo el Gobernador, Miguel Márquez Márquez. Durante la colocación de la primera piedra de la empresa Sanyo Special Steel en el parque industrial Marabis, el mandatario Read more

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SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH opens new warehouse for special steel in Chongqing, China (US)

China Warehouse S+B

With the new warehouse for special steel in Chongqing, China, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH is able to meet the needs of local manufacturers of automotive components and plastic moulds with the group’s technical steels, technical support and real-time processing (Credit Photo @ SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH)

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH International GmbH is expanding its sales and services network in China: In January 2016, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH began operating a new warehouse for special steel with a first focus on tool steel in Chongqing. The 2,000 m² facility is equipped with state-of-the-art sawing technologies and high-tech milling machines. Customers benefit from shorter delivery times and tailor made cutting services for the tool steels from the group’s own production. The product portfolio includes cold-work and high-speed steel grades, steel for plastic moulding and hot work steel from the SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH companies Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (D) and Finkl Steel (CA, US). With expanded sales and service capacities, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH International is now also able to meetRead more

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Advanced Blade Casting Facility will benefit form Rolls-Royce £800 Million Deal (US)

Rolls Royce blade

The Advanced Blade Casting Facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham (Credit Photo @ The Telegraph)

A Rolls-Royce factory in Rotherham will play a key part in a groundbreaking £800m order from an Indonesian airline, helping to safeguard 160 jobs. The Advanced Blade Casting Facility on the Advanced Manufacturing Park will make turbine blades for Trent 7000 engines ordered by Garuda Indonesia. They will be fitted to the airline’s 14 Airbus A330neo aircraft. It is the first big order for the £110m factoryRead more

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Outokumpu and Fraunhofer Institute work together on lightweight solutions for electric vehicles (US)

Lightweight materials

Outokumpu material experts are working on future-oriented stainless steel solutions in cooperation with scientists from Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, in Germany. The latest innovation is a new battery pack that is specifically designed for electric vehicles. The battery pack combines several lightweight engineering technologies as well as new types of cooling and structural strategies. The Forta H1000 austenitic, ultra-high-strength stainless steel from Outokumpu enables the implementation of structural lightweight engineering initiatives, while providing a high level of safety. Says Stefan Lindner, Senior Technical Manager for Automotive segment at Read more

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Commodity Vs Speciality : the European Steelmaking Dilemma

Save our steel

“Every steel company, particularly the major companies, they’re looking at value addition, meaning high-end value-added steel products ….I don’t think anybody can do more than 30 percent, 35 percent so the balance 65 percent remains commodity grade steel.”

Seshagiri Rao, -Director -JSW Steel Ltd (India)

“Sticking to technological and quality leadership will be the only solution for European steel producers to secure profitability and future growth,”

Wolfgang Eder- Voestalpine – CEO

“If China takes the ‘commodity’ end of the market — and it’s not as if they are only focusing on that — then it takes with it the specialty segment, because it is impossible to sustainably operate on high-grade or specialty alone”.

Charles de Lusignan. – Eurofer spokesman

“An integrated steel plant only makes sense at a scale of at least 3 million tonnes, and must be used to full capacity to be cost-effective”.

Heinz Joerg Fuhrmann- Salzgitter – CEO

The companies that survive, especially in high-cost countries, will have to find creative ways to develop closer relationships with their customers. They can do this even when the steel they produce is commodity grade

Charles de Lusignan. – Eurofer spokesman

“Profitability is all about value creation for your customers. Commodity producers can for example excel in services provided to their customers: short delivery times, small order quantities, 24-7 order intakes, client-specific product dimensions, etc.”

Jeremy Platt, – analyst at UK-based consultancy MEPS

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Émile Martin : un aciériste à la pointe de l’innovation (Fr)

Pierre Emile Martin

Entrepreneur à l’imagination féconde, Émile Martin (Soissons, Aisne, 20 juillet 1794 – Bordeaux, Gironde, 23 juillet 1871) a laissé son nom (associé à son fils Pierre-Émile) à un procédé qui devait permettre le développement de la production d’acier. Son parcours atypique, de l’armée à l’industrie, de l’application des procédés anglais à l’innovation technique, fondateur d’entreprises multiples, est celui d’un homme d’affaires habile et infatigable qui n’a jamais cessé de travailler,Read more

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Voestalpine to produce metallic 3D Printing Parts (German)

Franz Rotter

Chairman of the Management Board of voestalpine Edelstahl GmbH (Credit Photo @ 3Druck)

Der Stahlkonzern Voestalpine will auch in Zukunft Bauteile mit Metall-3D-Druckern herstellen. In Düsseldorf entsteht derzeit ein Forschungszentrum dazu und am Standort Kapfenberg (Österreich) soll das notwendige Metallpulver produziert werden.

Das für den Metalldruck essentiell wichtige Metallpulver soll in Zukunft am Voestalpine Standort in Kapfenberg (Österreich / Steiermark) produziert werden. Die voest investiert jährlich rund 70 Millionen Euro in der Steiermark,Read more

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Swedish firms launch initiative to decarbonise steelmaking (US)

SSAB decrabonize

Magnus Hall, president and chief executive of state-owned energy company Vattenfall, together with Swedish steel producer SSAB and Swedish iron ore extractor LKAB, announce the start of a long-term research project aimed at developing a production method for steel based on the use of hydrogen to replace coal or natural gas, generated from carbon-emission-free energy sources.

Swedish steelmaker SSAB has partnered with miner LKAB and utility Vattenfall to develop a breakthrough technology to decarbonise its operations over the next 20-25 years without using carbon capture and storage (CCS). The three firms, all at least partly owned by the Swedish state, aim to use hydrogen fuel in the Read more

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India makes indigenous ‘Inconel 718’ for nuclear and moon mission (US)

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nuclear Fuel Complex, N. Saibaba,

The rated capacity of NFC is 850 tonnes and it is eyeing a production of 2,000 tonnes of the fuel bundles in the current fiscal. Enhanced production added to the stock pile, which stood at 2,000 tonnes now, that will help meet the requirements as more nuclear power plants take shape in India. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nuclear Fuel Complex, N. Saibaba (Credit Photo @ Times of India)

HYDERABAD: The Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC) under the department of atomic energy (DAE), has indigenously developed a material that will be used in Indian Space Research Organisation’s (Isro) planned moon mission. Apart from `Inconel 718′, which can be used in high temperature applications, NFC has also developed titanium alloy tubesRead more

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Innovative technology to monitor the solidification of steel (US)

Manuch Soleimani,

Dr Manuch Soleimani is leading this three-year project to develop an innovative new technology which will enable the UK & EU Steel Industry to become more competitive and sustainable. (Credit Photo @ University off Bath)

The ‘Shell-Thick’ project will develop an innovative induction tomography system for assessing the solidification process of metal. This new system will significantly improve the continuous casting process of steel by providing a real-time, non-destructive and reliable method of measuring the molten steel to detect any defects or fails as it solidifies and becomes a market product. The system will form a kind of Read more

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GE considering replacing some nickel alloys by composites in aeroengines (US)

GE ceramic aviation

General Electric scientist Krishan Luthra holds up a ceramic matrix composite turbine part in front of a combustion test rig at GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York, on Oct. 9. | (Credit photo @AP)

The GE division estimates it has spent more than $1.5 billion in the last decade to bring a range of components made with a ceramic-type material to market. And it has to deliver results quickly. Engines with these newer components could power commercial jets entering service this year. GE Aviation also wants this tech to work in jet engines now under development. Components made of ceramic matrixRead more

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MHI trials new alloy for exhaust valves (US)

DSA 760

DSA 760’s resistance to high termperature corrosion has more than doubled the life of exhaust valves on UE two-stroke engines

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has more than doubled the lifetime of exhaust valves on its two-stroke diesel engines using a new alloy developed by Daido Steel Co.

Daido Super Alloy (DSA) 760 is a heat resistant alloy combining chromium, aluminium and nickel. It is also resistant to high temperature corrosion – MHI estimated that DSA 760 reduces wear rate on the combustion surface by around 60%, leading to a 2.5 times extension toRead more

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Qatar Steel produced 1m tonnes of rebar last year at Rolling Mill II (US)

Qatar Steel

Rebar rolling at Qatar Steel’s ultra-modern rolling mill – RM II in Mesaieed. The mill, which applies international steel standards to fulfil customer’s requirements, has achieved its design capacity in the first three years of operations and excelled with the milestone production of more than 1mn tonnes in 2015.

DOHA: Qatar Steel, one of the leading steel producers in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf, achieved a record production of more than one million tonnes of rebar at RM II, the company’s ultra-modern rolling mill. Ali Bin Hassan Al Muraikhi, Managing Director & General Manager of Qatar Steel, said: “This major achievement would not have been possible without the support and relentless efforts by ourRead more

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Voestalpine Acquires Specialty Steel Firms in Shanghai and Barcelona (US)


Voestalpine steel buys two specialty steel firms. With the purchase of Advanced Tooling Tek (ATT) in Shanghai, China, and the Sermetal Group in Barcelona, Spain, Voestalpine is enhancing its position as a producer of special steels. Both companies are specialized in the processing and sale of special steel products for tool and mold-making, a segment whose main customers are the automotive and electronics industries. Together ATT and the Sermetal Group have around 160 employees and generated a total revenue of around EUR 43 million in 2015. Just half a year ago the Voestalpine AG’s Metal Forming Division opened a new plant for production of high-strengthRead more

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Constellium inaugurates its new state-of-the-art University Technology Center at Brunel University London (US)

Brunel University

The £17m,1500 mbuilding  is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Innovate UK, global aluminium component producer Constellium and car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. The facility is equipped with:

  • A commercial 1600 tonne locking force high pressure die caster for aluminium and magnesium alloys
  • A commercial 240 kN closing force low pressure die caster
  • A pilot scale hot-top direct chill caster for 2m long billets up to 204 mm in diameter
  • A commercial 16 MN direct extrusion press with taper controlled billet heating
  • A scaled-up twin roll caster incorporating Brunel’s novel melt conditioning technology
  • High resolution real-time X-ray inspection

AMSTERDAM, April 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Constellium N.V. (NYSE and Euronext: CSTM) announced today the opening of the Constellium University Technology Center (UTC) at Brunel University London, a dedicated center of excellence for the design, development and prototyping of aluminium alloys and automotive structural components. Featuring industrial size aluminium casting and
Read more

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Lebronze alloys group acquires CLAL Group subsidiaries (US)


March 21, 2016 – Paris – Michel Dumont, President of Lebronze alloys (LBA), and Dan Weber, President of CLAL Group, announce the acquisition by LBA of CLAL France and all the subsidiaries and affiliates of the CLAL Group.Both groups previously entered into exclusive negotiations on February 4, 2016. Complementary product ranges, technologies, sales forces, industrial capacities and geographic spread, allow a broaderRead more

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Kobe Steel will put ¥100 billion into producing lightweight automobile materials (US)

Kobe Steel

Kobe Steel President Hiroya Kawasaki (Credit Photo @Nikkei)

Kobe Steel will put 100 billion yen into producing lightweight automobile materials over the next five years, Kawasaki indicated.      The company will target fields that larger competitors have not yet tapped, such as materials fusing aluminum with high-tensile steel, which Kobe Steel aims to start selling to automakers and others as early as 2021.
Read more

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New fuel rod in uranium-zirconium alloy to increase Heat Transfert in Nuclear Reactors (US)

MIT Nuclear zirconium

Formed of a solid metal alloy, Lightbridge’s new fuel rods could make existing nuclear plants safer and more economical. (Credit Photo @ MIT)

With 65 reactors under construction worldwide and another 173 planned, the nuclear power industry is placing bets that its long-awaited renaissance is near. But making existing and new nuclear plants more economical continues toRead more

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After 6 years of losses Acciai Speciali Terni close to equilibrium in 2015 (Italian)

Acciai special terni


Acciai Speciali Terni: nel 2015 sfiora il pareggio

Migliorano i risultati di bilancio del produttore umbro. In crescita il fatturato

02 aprile 2016 – Dopo sei esercizi contraddistinti da forti perdite (complessivamente oltre 600 milioni di euro tra il 2010 ed il 2014), Acciai Speciali Terni nel 2015 torna vicino al punto di pareggio. Il bilancio chiuso al 30 settembre, infatti, vede un rosso contenuto, che va a contrapporsi ai -127,6 milioni di euro dell’esercizio precedente (ottobre 2013-settembre 2014).

Read more

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Japan bets for its future on innovation in Material Science and new alloys (US)

Japan governor aichi

Governor Ōmura points out that investment in fundamental research is a huge advantage for innovation in Japan. Decades of fundamental science research gives Japan the capability to produce equipment for high-performance applications that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. Particularly China. In the realms of high energy physics, materials science (new alloys, polymers, carbon fiber, etc.) Japan has a significant competitive advantage over other Asian manufacturing countries. (Credit Photo @Forbes)

Japan is a global powerhouse in terms of innovation and culture. And it is defined by its startling contradictions and contrasts – a mixture of long-held tradition and awe-inspiring newness. These contrasts are at once Japan’s greatest strength, and its greatest challenge. While Japan has world-leading technology and industrial capability, it is oftenRead more

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Dongbei Special Steel misses debt payment after chairman’s apparent suicide (US)

Dongbei special Steel CEO

Yang Hua, 53, who also acted as the Communist party secretary of Dongbei Special Steel, was confirmed dead on March 25 by the company’s website, a day after police received reports that he had hanged himself at his home

Dongbei Special Steel Group Co Ltd, an unlisted steel manufacturer based in northeast China, has missed a payment on an 800 million yuan ($123 million) short­term note several days after the group’s chairman was found dead in an apparent suicide. Shanghai Clearing House issued a notice on Monday stating it had not received funds from Dongbei SpecialRead more

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Constellium ‘solidifying the future’ with Airbus contract (US)

Lloyd “Buddy” Stemple is the CEO of the Constellium

Lloyd “Buddy” Stemple is the CEO of the Constellium facility in Ravenswood. Stemple is a former engineer who first worked at the plant as an intern. His father worked for Kaiser Aluminum at the plant for 37 years. (Credit Photo @ Gazette-Mail)

Constellium Rolled Products, a multinational aluminum manufacturer with operations in Ravenswood, has tentatively sealed another multi-year contract with Airbus, one of the largest commercial aircraft manufacturing companies in the world. The deal that was announced by Constellium, the Netherlands-based company, on Tuesday gives the specialized aluminum manufacturer long-term stabilityRead more

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John W. Cahn: Foremost metallurgist fled Nazi Germany (US)

John W. Cahn: Foremost metallurgist fled Nazi Germany (US)

John W. Cahn: Foremost metallurgist fled Nazi Germany (US)

John W. Cahn, who fled Nazi Germany as a boy and became a foremost thinker in materials science, dies at 88. (Credit Photo@ National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Cahn, who also taught at the University of Washington, spent decades as a scientist specializing in metallurgy at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Md.

John W. Cahn, who fled Nazi Germany as a boy and became a foremost thinker in materials science — the field of study focused on the understanding and improvement of metals and other substances that form the physicaRead more

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